Friday, March 15, 2013

Spend The Day With: Bette Davis.

The Rich Are Always With Us (1932). Directed by Alfred E. Green. Cast: Bette Davis and Ruth Chatterton and George Brent.

Ruth Chatterton, has had a string of bad marriages, is now being romanced by novelist George Brent. He is pursued by Bette Davis. Chatterton, loses her husband to gold digging Adrienne Dore.

Chatterton runs off to Paris for a divorce while Davis goes after Brent. Brent goes to Paris after the divorce but Chatterton can't make up her mind.

Back in New York, Chatterton learns that the new wife is pregnant and that Brent and Davis are together. Things come to a head when Chatterton learns Brent is planning to travel to China to write.

The next morning, the gold-digging wife breaks the news of their romance, but.. Davis, throws her out of her house. The husband and gold-digging wife crash into a tree on their way back to town. Will they survive the crash?

So Big! (1932). Drama directed by William A. Wellman. Cast:Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent and Bette Davis. The film is the second screen adaptation of the Ferber novel, following a 1924 silent version directed by Charles Brabin. A 1953 remake was directed by Robert Wise.

After her mother passes away Selina Peake and her father move to Chicago, where she enrolls in finishing school. Her father is killed and Selina's friend Julie Hemple helps her find a job as a schoolteacher.

Selina moves in with the Poole family and tutors their son Roelf. Selina marries immigrant farmer Pervus De Jong and gives birth to Dirk, nicknamed "So Big".

When Pervus dies, Selina does everything she can to keep the farm going so she can keep her son in school, hoping he will become a sucessful architect. Dirk falls in love with a married woman, who helps him to get a job as a bond salesman in her husband's firm.

Eventually he falls in love with artist Dallas O'Mara, but she refuses to marry him because of his lack of ambition.

Roelf, now a famous sculptor, meets Dirk and, learning Selina is his mother, reunites with his former tutor. She is pleased to know her influence helped Roelf become the successful man he has become, as she accepts her son's short comings.


Housewife (1934). Drama. Directed by Alfred E. Green. (Ann Dvorak)(George Brent) (Bette Davis)

Nan Reynolds, struggles to run the household on her husband Bill's meager salary as an office manager. She urges him to find a better paying job, but he his lack of ambition is placing a strain on their marriage.

Pat Berkeley, who attended high school with Nan and Bill, is hired by his firm as an advertising copywriter and her success prompts Nan to force her husband into asserting himself with his boss. When he fails to spark any interest with his ideas, Bill succumbs to his wife's wishes that he start his own agency using the money she has managed to save.

Spurred by Nan, he steals a major client from his former firm and hires Pat to help him handle it. Complications, begin when the feelings the two had for each other years before are reignited and they begin an affair.

Nan becomes aware of their relationship but chooses to ignore it. Bill announces he wants a divorce. When Nan refuses to grant him one, he angrily leaves the house and accidentally hits their son Buddy  with the car, seriously injuring him.

Will the family ever recover?

Front Page Woman (1935). A comedy film directed by Michael Curtiz. The screenplay by Roy Chanslor, Laird Doyle, and Lillie Hayward is based on the novel Women Are Bum Newspapermen by Richard Macauley.

Ellen Garfield refuses to marry fellow reporter Curt Devlin until he admits she is as good at her craft as any man. The two work for rival newspapers, and their ongoing efforts to better each other eventually leads to Ellen getting fired when Curt tricks her into misreporting the verdict of a murder trial.

The tables are turned when she scoops him by getting the real perpetrator, Inez Cordoza, to confess to the crime. Forced to admit Ellen is a good reporter, he finally wins her hand.


Jezebel (1938). A stubborn, headstrong Southern Belle, loses her fiance because of her behavior and will do anything to get him back.

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Dark Victory (1939). A young socialite is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and must decide how to life out the rest of her life. .

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The Old Maid (1939). When an ex-lover arrives on a young woman's wedding day, it changes her and her cousin's lives forever.

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In This Our Life (1942). A drama directed by John Huston. Cast: Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland as sisters and the romantic and life rivals. Raoul Walsh also worked as director, taking over when Huston was called away for a war assignment after the United States entered World War II, but he was uncredited.

Stanley, thinks absolutely of no one except herself and causes problems with everyone around her. Including her sister Roy, who is engaged to Peter.

Just because she can, Stanley takes Peter away from her sister Roy and they elope. Peter, can't keep up with her partying and realizing what he has done kills himself.

Stanley, causes a hit and run accident that kills a little girl and badly injures her mother. She casts the blame on a  black boy, who is working for Flemings office and the son of the Timberlake's maid.

A bartender turns out to be the key to getting at the truth....



  1. I hope you like cigarettes and lots of scotch! Of the films listed above, I'd have to go with Jezebel and In This Our Life. Dark Victory is too much of a weepy for me. As you no doubt read on my blog, Jezebel is second only to Now, Voyager as my favorite Bette Davis film. However, I love to see Bette and Olivia de Havilland square off against one another, and when she runs off with Olivia's fiancee in this it's outrageous!

  2. I watched the classic films.. Housewife and Front Page Woman, both "new to me" films. Both were worth watching..

  3. My DVR got a workout yesterday. I recorded 3 of those films you mentioned, plus 4 Ingrid/Roberto Rossselini films.

    "Front Page Woman" and "The Rich Are Always with Us" are both "new to me" films, and I wanted to do a re-watch of "Housewife," which I saw a few years ago and quite enjoyed. For some reason, I didn't record it to disc then, but now I will.

    The other movies I have as part of the 2 Bette Davis collections I have.

    Though I DVR'd these films, I have no idea when I will get around to watching them. I have about 50 movies in there to be watched, some from as far back as 2 years ago. So many little time!

  4. I watched part of the classic film, Stromboli, with Ingrid but.. things got a little busy around here. I did enjoy what I did see.

    I know what you mean, the classic movie lists keep on growing..


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