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Classic TV Blog Association: McMillan and Wife.

McMillan and Wife, is a comedy/crime/drama series, which may have been inspired by the "Thin Man" series. Aired on NBC from September 17, 1971 to April 24, 1977.

Rock Hudson, was a wonderful comedian and both the film and the series gave him a opportunity to show off his comedic talents. He proved himself in the classic comedies: "Pillow Talk," "Lover Come Back," and "Send Me No Flowers."

The series premiered in 90-minute episodes as part of the NBC Mystery Movie, in rotation with Columbo and McCloud.

McMillan and Wife, takes place in San Francisco. The story is about police commissioner, Stewart McMillan, who wasn't happy to sit behind a desk doing paper work, but out on the streets doing the investigative work. Along with his spunky, flower power, wife Sally, who always seemed to get herself in all kinds of trouble and ended up as a damsel in distress, who needed her husband to save her.

The the story lines usually began with with somebody holding a grudge against them and after attending a few glamorous parties and/or charity events.. they solved the crimes.

Susan Saint James, received four Emmy Award nominations for her performance in the classic TV series, McMillan and Wife. Unfortunately, because of a contract dispute between Saint James and the studio, the character of Sally (and their never seen, sometimes mentioned son) was killed off in an airplane crash during the fifth season. The show was then renamed McMillan.

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Other cast changes included Mildred, left Mac's employment to run a diner (actress Nancy Walker left to star in her own sitcom but the "diner" reference was an inside joke meant to poke at her then-popular Bounty paper towel commercials).

Mac, moved into a new apartment with a new housekeeper, Agatha (Martha Raye), who was Mildred's sister as well as a new police aide, Sgt. DiMaggio (Richard Gilliland), as Schuck also left for his own series. The new show lost it's charm and McMillan was cancelled.

The McMillans' home in the first episode was Rock Hudson's house. In the second episode they moved to a new home, exterior shots were done on Greenwich Street in San Francisco. The address for the couple was once given in the show as 250 Carson Street.

Video: home footage taken at Rock Hudson's House..

Sergeant Enright, was a lovable character, who seemed not to bright, but... was a loyal, hard working and reliable side kick.

From 1971-76, Nancy Walker, played the sarcastic housekeeper Mildred, whose wise cracking humor added a little fun to the series. She received many Emmy Award nominations for her role..


  1. Dawn,
    I am a huge fan of this show. I was a teen when it was on in the 70's, so I loved everything about Sally McMillan. I recently found the house they used for the exterior shots in San Francisco and got my picture taken in front of it. It looks exactly the same, right down to the blue paint!

  2. OMG, Dawn, I loved this show! And I had such a huge crush on Rock Hudson! Since getting into classic films, I have "re-discovered" Rock, and although he's not one of my 6 great beloveds, he's in my top 20. And I rank him up there with Ty Power as one of the most perfectly beautiful men I have ever seen.

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. You've inspired me to see if my library has any of the series on DVD.

  3. Robin,
    You lucky girl!! I would love to see the house in person. The house looks smaller in the video than I thought it would.

    Do you have Netflix? The last time I looked, it was part of their collection of TV shows.

  4. That is a FANTASTIC party deck that Rock Hudson has on his house.

  5. Silver Screenings, It was fun seeing some of his party guest..

  6. Dawn, I must've stopped watching "McMillian & Wife" after the first few seasons because I didn't know Sally was killed off. Very enjoyable show, loved St. James & Hudson as a pair (great chemistry), and it showcased Hudson's appeal well. Plus, he was so handsome with the longer hair and mustache. Out of curiosity (am always interested in SF film/TV locations), I looked up the address that was used for exteriors of the McMillan's 'Carson Street' home - 1132/1134 Greenwich, and thought I'd share what I found with you (cut & paste necessary):

    I noticed that everyone I recognized (Rock, Robert Wagner, even George Cukor) at the party at Hudson's beach house looked young - except Lauren Bacall. I'm guessing that was due to too much sun and cigarettes and not enough food! Thanks for the memories...

  7. I also love him with his longer hair and mustache. Thank you for the link I will look it up the info on his home..

    I did not recognize George Cukor, until you identified him. I agree.. Lauren Bacall, did look a little ruff around the edges..


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