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Happy Birthday: Dame Elizabeth "Liz" Taylor.(February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) was a British-American actress. From her early years as a child star with MGM, she became one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age. As one of the world's most famous film stars, Taylor was recognized for her acting ability and for her glamorous lifestyle, beauty and distinctive violet eyes. Please click Here to learn more.

ON TCM Feb. 28th. On the Riviera (1951). A musical comedy film made by 20th Century Fox. It was directed by Walter Lang, produced by Sol C. Siegel from a screenplay by Valentine Davies and Phoebe and Henry Ephron, based on the play The Red Cat by Rudolph Lothar and Hans Adler, with dance sequences choreographed and staged by Jack Cole. Please click Here for movie review.

ON TCM Feb. 29th. The Shanghai Gesture(1941). A film noir starring Gene Tierney and Walter Huston, with Victor Mature and Ona Munson. Please click Here for movie review.

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On TCM March 1st. The Good Earth (1937). Is a film about Chinese farmers who struggle to survive. It was adapted by Talbot Jennings, Tess Slesinger, and Claudine West from the play by Donald Davis and Owen Davis, which was in itself based on the 1931 novel of the same name by Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck The film was directed by Sidney Franklin, Victor Fleming (uncredited) and Gustav Machaty (uncredited). Please click Here for review.

Happy Birthday: David Niven.(1 March 1910 – 29 July 1983), was a British actor and novelist, best known for his roles as Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days and Sir Charles Lytton, a.k.a. "the Phantom", in The Pink Panther. He was awarded the 1958 Academy Award for Best Actor in Separate Tables. Please click Here to learn more. The video below is from one of my favorite David Niven movies "Please Don't Eat The Daisies"

On TCM March 2nd: A Guy Named Joe(1943). Directed by Victor Fleming, produced by Everett Riskin, from a screenplay by Dalton Trumbo, adapted by Frederick Hazlitt Brennan from a story by Chandler Sprague and David Boehm. It starred Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne and Van Johnson, with Esther Williams in a minor role. Musically, it featured the popular song "I'll Get By (As Long as I Have You)" by Fred Ahlert and Roy Turk, sung by Ms. Dunne. Please click Here to read movie review.

Happy Birthday: Jennifer Jones.(March 2, 1919 – December 17, 2009), was a five-time Academy Award nominee, Jones won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Song of Bernadette (1943). Please click Here to learn more. Video is from one of my favorite Jennifer Jones performances "Duel In The Sun"...

Happy Birthday: Jean Harlow. (March 3, 1911 – June 7, 1937) was a film actress and sex symbol of the 1930s. Known as the "Blonde Bombshell" and the "Platinum Blonde" (due to her platinum blonde hair), Harlow was ranked as one of the greatest movie stars of all time by the American Film Institute. Harlow starred in several films, mainly designed to showcase her magnetic sex appeal and strong screen presence, before making the transition to more developed roles and achieving massive fame under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). Harlow's enormous popularity and "laughing vamp" image were in distinct contrast to her personal life, which was marred by disappointment, tragedy, and ultimately her sudden death from renal failure at the age of 26. Please click Here to learn more.

On TCM March 3rd. Breakfast for Two (1937).

On TCM March 3rd. Breakfast for Two (1937). Directed by Alfred Santell. With Barbara Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall, Glenda.

Article of the week is from  Random Rambling of a Broadway Film TV Fan. At first Gilby, did not think she would have time to sign up for Classic Movie Dogathon hosted by Classic Film and TV Cafe. But because of her love of dogs she could not be stopped and got into the dogathon spirit. :) She wrote a very entertaining post about Dumb Witness. This is an Agatha Christie mystery starring David Suchet as Hercule Poirot. The title character is Bob the fox terrier. Please stop by her blog and check out her awesome contribution..

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  1. Happy Birthday to all these lovelies! My Dad still talks about how beautiful Jennifer Jones was in "Duel In The Sun", one of his favorite movies :)

  2. I am excited about "Breakfast for Two." I love Barbara Stanwyck, and it is one of her films I've never seen before.

  3. Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl, Your Dad has good taste. :)

    Patti, I am also excited about seeing "Breakfast for Two" for the first time.

  4. Dawn, I love your new cursor with Betty Boop's face! I'm also looking forward to seeing ON THE RIVIERA from start to finish at last, being a big Danny Kaye fan; it's one of those movies I keep stumbling across in the middle or the end, but now I'm ready, thanks to TiVo (barring unforeseen circumstances)! :-) Looking forward to catching up with Gilby's DUMB WITNESS post, too, as I'm also a Poirot fan, especially when it's David Suchet playing Poirot! :-) Great round-up, as always!

  5. Dorian, Thank you.. I was so surprised to find the Betty Boop cursor.. I just had to use it. You can find more cursors at the bottom of my sidebar. If you want to get a little fancy:)

    Gilby's DUMB WITNESS, post is well written as always :)

  6. Great post! And a Happy Belated to Liz Taylor and David Niven. I'd like to see "On the Riviera", I love older musicals. Sadly because of my not so cool class and work schedule, I missed that along with "The Shanghai Gesture", I'll have to find those.

    I'm going to start making a movie schedule so that I can keep track. Great post!


  7. B, Thank you. That is one of the reasons why I started this blog. To keep up with what was coming up on TCM and to learn about "new to me" movies.


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