Friday, February 24, 2012

Love Has Many Faces (1965).

Love Has Many Faces(1965). Drama, directed by Alexander Singer, and written by Marguerite Roberts. Nancy Wilson sings the title song. Edith Head designed Lana Turner's clothes.

After Kit and Pete are questioned by the Acapulco police when her latest fling Billy Andrews, body is found on the beach. Pete, blames her for Billy's death. Pete married Kit, only for her money and is now having second thoughts, because she thinks only of only herself.

When Carol Lambert, Billy's fiancee, arrives in Acapulco, Pete becomes attracted to her and Kit, starts dating a bullfighter. At the ranch of Don Julian, Kit overhears Carol stating that Pete must choose between them. Upset, Kit rides her horse into the bullring and is gored by a bull, Pete jumps into the ring and saves her. Will they get Kit to the hospital in time to save her life?

For all you fashionistas and Lana Turner fans, this film is for you. Lana Turner, keeps turning up in one great costume after another, even in her forties she was a glamor girl.

Fun Facts:

Final American studio cinema film of Ruth Roman.

Lana Turner's wardrobe cost one million dollars.

Ruth Roman(December 22, 1922- September 9, 1999). As a girl, she wanted to become an actress and enrolled in Bishop Lee Dramatic School.

After which Roman headed to Hollywood where she landed small parts before being cast in the thirteen-episode serial, Jungle Queen (1945).

She later played an important role in the film, Champion(1949).

In one of her most memorable roles, Roman costarred with Farley Granger and Robert Walker in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, Strangers on a Train (1951)and the film, Three Secrets(1950).


  1. Ooh, Dawn, thanks so much for sharing about this film. It's one I've never heard of, and as you know, I have recently become a huge Lana Turner fan. I love these kinds of movies. Definitely am going to look for this one.

    Hope you're having a great Friday.

  2. I love Lana Turner and her style.

  3. A million dollars seems a tad much for one character's wardrobe--even if it was Lana Turner!

  4. I wonder if she was able to keep any of her clothes.


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