Thursday, February 23, 2012


I just noticed that when I added some "new to me" blogs onto my blogroll, that some how I deleted some of my much loved blogs. Please except my apologizes.

 I am also having other issues with blogger. I have been working on them the past couple of days.. I'm not a computer wiz, but usually things get figured out..      

Sorry for the inconvenience..


  1. Dawn, I think my blog might be one that's been removed from your blogroll, but there's no need to apologise.
    I've had a lot of problems of my own with Blogger over the last few months, so I decided to delete my original blog and start again with a new Google account and a new domain.
    If and when I post something new you'll always be welcome to get involved.
    Thanks for all your support.

  2. Thank you Paul for letting me know.. As you can see it is a little bit over whelming..

    Please.. any one else that I have lost please let me know.. It will make it a lot easier for me..

  3. Just as long as I'm on the list of most beloved blogs ...

  4. Hi, Dawn! Thanks for stopping by and reading my reaview of A Dog's Life. It is, indeed, a great Chaplin comic movie. Your blog is awesome, particularly because all the Betty Boops!

  5. Dawn, I had been having MANY problems with Blogger the last few months. However, last week, I changed my browser from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, and most of my problems have disappeared. The only real issue that remains is the miserable way of word verification now. I often do not leave comments on those blogs which require word verification, as reading the words has become near impossible.

  6. Note to Paul: after reading your comment above, I went to my Dashboard, as I thought your blog was still listed in my "blogs followed" section. It's still in the listings, but, of course, when I click on it, I get a page telling me the blog has been deleted.

    Please be sure to keep me posted as to your new whereabouts. I will want to "follow" your new blog.


  7. Blogger can be so user-friendly ...and so glitchy. The price we pay!

  8. Lê, it is always fun to meet a fellow Betty Boop fan. I hope that we will get to know each other better.

    Patti, Using Google Chrome, has fixed the problem. Thank you for letting me know about it.

    Also, you can find Paul's new website in my blogroll, located on the side bar.

    The Lady Eve, We are lucky that Blogger is free. :)

  9. Thank you Dawn and Patti.
    Your support means a lot to me!

  10. Paul, Your more than welcome!!


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