Friday, May 24, 2013

At Home With Cary Grant.

His favorite store was The Gap, because they stocked Levi’s 501s the only jeans he wore because they “got better with age” and bore no name tag something Grant detested on clothing.

Grant and Muhammad Ali would call each other on their birthday's, it so happens that their birthdays were only one day apart.

Grant referred to his acting in the film “Arsenic and Old Lace” as... “way over the top.” Please click here for past movie review.

Howard Hughes on the far left and Cary Grant on the far right.

Howard Hughes was a good friend of Cary Grant. When he stopped over for a visit and they enjoyed steaks and ice cream.

Grace Kelly and Cary Grant
Grant sunbathed every day for 30 minutes to “keep that healthy glow,”wrinkles were the price to pay, but, he enjoyed those, too.

Grant kept a “candy drawer” filled with his “most cherished” sweets, including chocolate, marzipan, lemon drops and hard candies. Because he had grown up with war rationing, even when some of the candy turned bad, he had a hard time throwing them out.

Grant loved going to the Hollywood Park Racetrack, where he would take his race-day guests on a “food court tour” between the fourth and fifth races.

Doris Day and Cary Grant in That touch of Mink.

Grant loved being on the board of directors of major companies including MGM and Faberge, where he earned “horizontal money,” (a term he learned from Quincy Jones), referring to the money one could make “while you’re sleeping.”

Grant drove a sky blue Cadillac because the color was described on the dealership sticker as “Jennifer blue.” as long as they made them

Grant didn't want animals in the house calling dogs and cats unsanitary and germ-infested (though his daughter was allowed to have fish and turtles). After several years together, his fifth wife Barbara, broke down his resolve and brought a cat into the house.

Grant preferred the natural look on woman such as Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Bisset and Diane Keaton.

One of Cary Grant’s favorite board games was Trivial Pursuit, which the family played for the last time two days before his death.

Video: Cary Grant Home Movies.

When Grant wasn't on the movie sets, he retreated to a quiet, restored movie colony property in Palm Springs, CA. Grant lived at the 1.54-acre estate for over 20 years. The two-story, Spanish-inspired home is a historically designated site, built as a replica of a 19th-century Spanish farmhouse with original tiles and preserved details throughout.

Grant’s former Palm Springs home is a walled and gated property that includes a master suite with fireplace, balconies, and built-in dressing room, 5 additional bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, 5 total fireplaces, a Wallace Neff-designed guest wing, studio, double-height living room, and a great room with 40-ft ceilings. The immaculately maintained grounds also include rolling lawns, courtyards, and a saline swimming pool.


  1. Levi's 501's aren't the only thing that grew better with age! As I said in yesterday's post, Cary certainly did that!

    I would hate to have to clean 5.5 bathrooms...though I suppose if I was wealthy enough to have a house with that many bathrooms, I'd be wealthy enough to hire a housekeeper.

    That photo of him with Jennifer is adorable!

    Fun post, Dawn!

    1. Levi's 501's are also my favorite jeans.. I remember buying them for $9.00 back in the 70's.

      I loved that he had a candy drawer.

      You really can see the love in his face for his daughter..

  2. The look on his face in the clip with the children absolutely melts my heart.

  3. Thanks for including that photo of the interior of his Palm Springs home. I wouldn't have thought he'd go for the Spanish farmhouse look!

    1. I just love his house.. I think that is a very popular style home for Palm Springs.

  4. I am ALWAYS at home with Cary Grant (glad he softened a bit on the pets!). Is there anything about this man that is not utterly charming? And if there is - I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

  5. Not to worry.. if there is anything bad to say about Car Grant... You will not find it here.. :)

    Also, notice who is walking the cat..

  6. That is a charming home movie that you've posted. I'm another one who doesn't want to hear anything bad about Cary Grant, and I was relieved to hear that you won't be denigrating him. (I'd be surprised if you did, given the respect with which you treat celebrities on your blog...)

  7. Thank you, I only care about the fun stuff.. :)


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