Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Hollywood Style: Joan Blondell.

Blondell was married three times, first to cinematographer George Barnes in a private wedding ceremony on 4 January 1933 at the First Presbyterian Church in Phoenix, Arizona. They had one child, Norman S. Powell, (who became an accomplished producer, director, and television executive) and divorced in 1936.

On 19 September 1936, she married her second husband, actor, director, and singer Dick Powell. They had a daughter, Ellen Powell, who became a studio hair stylist, and Powell adopted her son by her previous marriage. Blondell and Powell were divorced on 14 July 1944.

On July 5, 1947, Blondell married her third husband, producer Mike Todd, whom she divorced in 1950. Her marriage to Todd was a disaster, she accused him of holding her outside a hotel window by her ankles. He was also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars gambling (high-stakes bridge was one of his weaknesses) and went through a bankruptcy during their marriage.


  1. ...Love Ms. Blondell!!! Sad how her marital 'career' seemed to somewhat echo Ginger's...well, not sure about her first two hubs (Powell seemed sorta decent...), but the last one sounds like a real winner...not unlike Ginger's first AND last...

    Anyway, Joan is great! There's a film called 'There's Always a Woman'...she's super in it...a typical 30's 'screwball comedy', which ya really can't beat when it comes down to it, right?

    Thanks for the info, Dawn!



  2. Hu, Thank you for stopping by and suggesting the classic film, There's Always a Woman'. I will be looking for it.


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