Friday, February 8, 2013

Love Hollywood style: Fred MacMurray.

MacMurray was married twice. He married Lillian Lamont, his first wife, on June 20, 1936, and the couple adopted two children, Susan (b. 1940) and Robert (b. 1946). After Lamont died on June 22, 1953, he married actress June Haver the following year.

He and Haver adopted two more children, twins Katherine and Laurie (b. 1966).

In 1941 MacMurray purchased land in the Russian River Valley in Northern California and established MacMurray Ranch. He spent time there when not making films, raising of prize-winning Aberdeen Angus cattle.

MacMurray wanted the property's agricultural heritage preserved, and it was thus sold in 1996 to Gallo, which planted vineyards on it for wines that bear the MacMurray Ranch label.

Kate MacMurray, daughter of Haver and MacMurray, now lives on the property (in a cabin built by her father), and is carrying on her family's legacy and the heritage of MacMurray Ranch."


  1. Great story. He seemed like such a nice man.

  2. Fred MacMurray had an interesting range of roles, I think of "Remember the Night," "Double Indemnity," "The Apartment," the Shaggy Dog movies, "My Three Sons." I've never tried tasted any of the MacMurray Ranch label wines but am tempted now...

  3. I did not even know that MacMurray had a Ranch, until.. I did research for this post..


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