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Dominic Campisi, wrote a poem for Ms. Young in 11/7/98, titled: "My Favorite Star".

I was thrilled when I received this wonderful poem yesterday in my comments from... Dominic Campisi, and thought I would share it with all of you.. Thank you Dominic, for sharing your wonderful poem with all of us..

No other Actress worked with them all. Only actress in the silent era, the golden age of film and golden age of Television. First actress to win Oscar  Emmy  golden globe award. Should be in Television hall of fame. More famous on TV in 50's then Lucy.  Total tragedy and unjust should have been there first three years. Also because of religious beliefs did not get more honors from Academy, Sag, Kennedy, Foreign press. No other actress had this kind of career. Not even the superstar actress's that are in living in there 90's: Olivia DeHavilland, Joan Fontaine, Eleanor Parker, Maureen O'Hara, Lauren Bacall, Eleanor Williams, Doris Day.

A poem I wrote for Ms. Young. Who told me it was the nicest thing a fan ever wrote to her.

My Favorite Star:

Here's a Story of a Screen Legend's Life
A Star Kept Shining through unlimited time
Just a young girl extra when Valentino shined
A Teenage Beauty when the Talkies arrived
Through Hollywood's golden era
Of Power, Grant, Cagney, Tracy, and Gable
Her good girl image was always her label
Her romantic aura that filled the screen
Brought out the best in men like these
Through the movie mogul's dynasty and the years of war
Her stardom never died
She gave us Ramona, Mabel Bell, Sister Margaret,xx And Sweet Julia, from the Bishop's wife
Her sparkling eyes found your heart
In the Farmer's Daughter her award winning part
She had made her mark on the silver screen
Now it was time try TV
She entered the room in the most glamorous way
When she left she had something to say
The God giving Goodness that came out to reply
Our morals and values are important in Life With movies and Television her legend survives
God's gift of an angel by heaven's design
When you are mentioned in the great actress' club
We'll always remember you Loretta Young.

 Dominic Campisi 11/7/98


  1. That is a beautiful, heart-felt poem. Thanks, Dominic, for sharing it with us through Dawn's blog.

  2. Dawn, I loved Dominic's beautiful poem about the lovely, luminous Loretta Young! She was a fine lady in all the best ways, bless her!

  3. I hope Dominic, gets a chance to come back and read your thoughtful complements on his wonderful poem.

  4. Thank you Dawn for letting everyone see my poem. When I met Ms. Young she told me again what it meant to her. I have been on a campaign to help Ms. Young's historical legacy. I was heart broken when they announced the inductee's Television Hall of Fame last week. No other actress had the career Loretta Young had. The only actress to be in the Silent era, the golden age of Hollywood, and the golden age of Television. Loretta Young who blazed a path for other women as both an actress and a producer, who succeeded with her own prime-time show in a format that was not a situation comedy, and who was able to transfer success in film to success in television. Few film stars have made this transition.The first actress to win an Oscar, Emmy, golden globe award. The first golden age star to move to television. The trailblazer for women into Television. The leading lady of Television the whole decade of the 1950's. Voted best female actress on Television many times. Nominated for an Emmy every year she was on Television. Eight straight years winning three times. Nominated for an Emmy for both TV movies she made and one Emmy for Christmas Eve. Made the difference for Women in Television. Is totally ignored by the Television Hall of Fame. A total forgotten tragedy. I was told Peter Roth of Warner Brothers TV is in charge of Hall. Please let him know. Maybe next year. I know Ms. Young's career has so much but she deserves her full historical legacy and what she did for women in Television.

  5. Dominic Campisi, Thank you for stopping by. I totally agree.. Loretta Young, deserves to be recognized for being such an amazing trail blazer for women, in film and Television.

    I have a new appreciation, for all of her hard work, after my month long Loretta Young celebration here on, Noir Chick Flicks. I hope that you have enjoyed reading my Tribute to her, as much as I have enjoyed writing about her.

    I also, hope to view all of her films and spotlight them. I keep my fingers crossed that TCM, will put out a DVD box set, with all her harder to find films for all of her fans..

  6. P.S. If you are interested, please click on the Loretta Young's, name in labels, located at the bottom of the post. You will find all of my past Loretta Young's, bios and reviews.


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