Friday, March 16, 2012

This Week on N and CF.

On TCM March 17th. The Key(1934). William Powell, plays a British officer who is assigned to duty in Ireland and falls for the wrong girl.

Happy Birthday! Edward Everett Horton (March 18, 1886 – September 29, 1970) was a well known character actor. He had a long career in film, theater, radio, television and voice work for animated cartoons. He is especially known for his work in the films of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers..
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Happy Birthday: Ursula Andress (born 19 March 1936) is a Swiss actress and sex symbol of the 1960s. She is known for her roles as Bond girl Honey Ryder in the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, in 1962, for which she won a Golden Globe, and as Vesper Lynd in the 1967 James Bond parody Casino Royale. Please click here to read more.

On TCM March 19th. Men in White (1934) is a Pre-Code film. Cast: Clark Gable and Myrna Loy, and directed by Ryszard Bolesławski. Because of the suggested illicit romance and the suggested abortion in the movie, it was frequently cut.

ON TCM March 20th: Bitter Tea of General Yen(1933) is a pre-Code film, directed by Frank Capra based on the novel by Grace Zaring Stone and starring Barbara Stanwyck and Nils Asther.
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March 21st Elizabeth Taylor day on TCM:

Cynthia (1947). A sheltered girl uses music as a means of winning her independence. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, George Murphy, S. Z. Sakall.

Conspirator (1949). A newlywed suspects her husband of being a Communist spy. Dir: Victor Saville Cast: Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Flemyng.

Love Is Better Than Ever (1952). A small-town girl falls for a big-city talent agent. Dir: Stanley Donen Cast: Larry Parks, Elizabeth Taylor, Josephine Hutchinson .

Rhapsody (1954). A wealthy socialite is torn between the classical violinist who excites her and the pianist who needs her. Dir: Charles Vidor Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Vittorio Gassman, John Ericson.

Butterfield 8 (1960). A party girl ruins her life when she falls for a married man. Dir: Daniel Mann Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Harvey, Eddie Fisher.
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The Sandpiper, The (1965). An Episcopal priest falls for a free-living artist. Dir: Vincente Minnelli Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Eva Marie Saint.

The Comedians(1967) American and British tourists get caught up in political unrest in Haiti. Dir: Peter Glenville Cast: Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Alec Guinness.

Happy Birthday! Karl Malden(March 22, 1912 – July 1, 2009). His career spanned more than seven decades, he performed in classic films: A Streetcar Named Desire, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, On the Waterfront and One-Eyed Jacks. Among other notable film roles were Archie Lee Meighan in Baby Doll, Zebulon Prescott in How the West Was Won and General Omar Bradley in Patton. His best-known role was on television as Lt. Mike Stone on the 1970s crime drama, The Streets of San Francisco.

On TCM March 22nd: Rosalind Russell Day:

Where Angels Go...Trouble Follows! (1968). A young progressive nun creates headaches for the Mother Superior.Dir: James Neilson Cast: Rosalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Binnie Barnes.

A Majority of One(1961). A Jewish widow falls in love with a Japanese businessman. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Rosalind Russell, Alec Guinness, Ray Danton.

Five Finger Exercise (1962). The arrival of a young tutor triggers emotional crises for a wealthy family. Dir: Daniel Mann Cast: Rosalind Russell,Jack Hawkins, Maximilian Schell.

Mrs. Pollifax Spy(1971) A society woman volunteers to root out enemy agents in Albania. Dir: Leslie Martinson Cast: Rosalind Russell, Darren McGavin, Nehemiah Persoff.

Tell It to the Judge (1949). To win back her husband, a divorcee pretends to be married to a loser. Dir: Norman Foster Cast: Rosalind Russell, Robert Cummings, Gig Young. Video: full movie.

On TCM March 24th: Under the Yum Yum Tree (1963). A lecherous landlord tries to steal a woman from her fiance. Please click for movie review.

Article of the week is from: Monty at All Good Things. Monty is inviting everyone to plan a fantasy summer vacation using classic movies. Choose a particular destination, like New York or England, and write about movies that use those places as their location. You can choose as many places as you want, just depends on how much traveling you plan on doing. And unlike most blogathons, which usually last a weekend or a week, this one will last all summer long. So your tickets will be open-ended. Beginning Memorial Day on Monday, May 28th and running through Labor Day on Monday, September 3rd. Please stop by for more info.


  1. Sounds like another great week of movies in prospect on N&CF.
    I'm actually going on vacation on Monday to Lake Como in Italy. I might think about featuring that location in Monty's upcoming blogathon.
    Have a nice weekend Dawn.

  2. Paul S, Your trip to Lake Como in Italy, sounds amazing.. I do hope you share your adventures with us..

    Have a safe trip. :)

  3. I am excited about a couple of those pre-code films. My DVR is set!!

    I saw CONSPIRATOR maybe 2 years ago. I am pretty crazy about Robert Taylor, so any time I see his name on a TCM movie, I try to catch it. It was very interesting.

    Funny, about THE KEY. I just recorded a William Holden/Trevor Howard/Sophia Loren film of that same name yesterday. Still haven't had a chance to watch it, but I don't think it's a remake of the William Powell movie. Must just have the same name.

    Thanks for an informative always.

  4. Patti, I have never seen the classic film, CONSPIRATOR. It sounds really good. I like Robert Taylor too. He is so handsome.

    I noticed the same thing about the classic film, THE KEY. I had to take a second look to see if I had made a mistake.. :)

  5. Dawn, I am looking forward to Men In White (which I have not seen) and The Bitter Tea of General Yen (which I just love). Quite a good lineup, and you are a doll for keeping your readers informed of good stuff to watch for. I loved your happy birthday posts and really love your Betty Boop St. Patrick's good wish!

  6. Becky, Thank you.. I think, that I have seen the classic film, Men In White, but.. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. I hope my "this week" posts help readers learn more about "new to them" movies and help them decide which classic films they want to watch.

  7. I would love to indulge in a day filled Elizabeth Taylor! Unfortunately tomorrow is my busiest day, I have classes back-to-back. I'll make sure to catch the movies that are showing in the evening.


  8. Mighty B, I hope that you are able to catch one of Elizabeth Taylor's classic films..

    I'm happy to have time to watch Cynthia, before my day begins. :)

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  10. Surely a perfect piece of writing! We've book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they'll be intrigued, thank you very much!


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