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UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE (1963). This lighthearted romantic/ comedy set in the '60s centers around Robin, (Carol Lynley) a newly graduated lab technician, and her fiance, Dave,(Dean Jones) a young San Francisco attorney.

They decide to live together in a charming southwest style apartment, to see if they can be compatible with out any fooling around.

Playboy Hogan, (Jack Lemmon), owns the building and a devilish smirk, has a history of coming on to his tenants, and would like to add Robin to his stable of girls.

When Hogan realizes that he has rented to a couple instead of two girls. He quickly comes up with a plan to break them up, so he can make his move on Robin.

 Dave comes up with his own plan. This conflict makes for a very good comedy along with 60's attitudes a protective aunt a nosy cleaning lady a curious gardener (Paul Lyne) and various young women.

Cast: Jack Lemmon,Carol Lynley, Dean Jones, Edie Adams, Paul Lyne, Robert Lansing.

This may not be Jack Lemmon's best film, but... there are a couple of funny scenes like: the very charming and funny scene with Carol Lynley,  who's character gets drunk on tequila with the cactus thorns still in it ;) .
She goes from sexy to goofy with perfect timing..

I just love the southwest style apartment.. very cute and homey.

Fun Facts:

 In order to help his friend Edie Adams out financially, after the sudden death of her husband ('Ernie Kovacs') left her debt-ridden, star/co-producer Jack Lemmon not only insisted upon hiring her for this film, but further insisted that her part be expanded considerably from the original stage play to give her more work.

The red sports car driven by Hogan was a 1962 Cougar I concept car. It was introduced at the 1962 Chicago Auto Show.

According to movie magazines of the day, Natalie Wood, Ann-Margret and Sandra Dee reportedly vied for the role played by Carol Lynley.

 Jim Hutton was mentioned for the Dean Jones role.

This film (along with IRMA LA DOUCE and GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM made Jack Lemmon the #1 Male Box Office Star of 1964.

Carole Lynley, began her career as a child model under the name "Carolyn Lee", and when she started acting(after appearing on the April 22, 1957 cover of Life magazine at 15).

Lynley, performed on both the Broadway stage and Hollywood screen versions of, Blue Denim (1959), in which the teenage characters played by Lynley and co-star Brandon De Wilde had to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

In 1959, Lynley was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for "Most Promising Newcomer – Female".

Lynley performed in the fourth season The Man from U.N.C.L.E. two-part episode, "The Prince of Darkness Affair".

Lynley, is best known for her roles in, Return to Peyton Place, Under the Yum Yum Tree, Bunny Lake is Missing, The Cardinal, Harlow and the original version of The Poseidon Adventure.

She performed in the television movies: Kolchak: The Night Stalker and Fantasy Island, The Big Valley, Mannix, Night Gallery, Kojak, Hawaii Five-O and Charlie's Angels.


  1. Dawn, this is a great film. I have watched it and enjoyed it very much. Jack Lemmon is wonderful as the lecherous landlord. I loved the 60's fashions and decor in this film.

  2. Dawn, I always thought this was a very different role for Jack Lemmon. It's the closest I ever came to not liking a character played by him. He still gives a fine performance (as always) and I've always liked Carol Lynley (who was terrific in BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING) and Dean Jones (who didn't get a lot of parts). Nice post!

  3. Silent,i also loved the fashions and the little apartment..living in the southwest, i have come to appreciate the mission sytle architecture.

    Rick,I read that this was Jack's least favorite role..it kind of reminded me of Jim Carrey in THE CABLE GUY. I hated Jack's character in this film. Then i realized you were supposed to..i then like the movie..LOL

  4. It takes a talented actor to make you hate his/her character but still enjoy the film! Sometimes an actor will overdo it, and then you wind up not liking the movie. Great write-up, Dawn! (Great site, too!)

  5. Welcome Sark,
    Thank you. i have had a lot of fun putting this blog together.

  6. I forgot about this movie. This movie makes is so stupidly funny.

  7. This is a funny, funny movie. I love it.


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