Saturday, September 25, 2010

BUtterfield 8 (1960)

BUtterfield 8(1960) film directed by Daniel Mann. Cast: Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey. Taylor won an Academy Award for her performance.

The film begins when sophisticated call girl Gloria, wakes up in Weston Liggett's apartment. Because she is in love with him, she is heartbroken when she finds the $250 dollars he left for her. Gloria, whose dress is torn, takes Wes's wife Emily's mink coat to cover up and writes "No Sale" in lipstick on the mirror, but tells her telephone exchange, Butterfield 8, to put Wes calls through when he calls.

Later, Gloria visits her old friend, pianist Steve Carpenter, in his apartment, he tells Gloria to stop wasting her life on one-night stands. Will she be able to change her life around before it is to late?

Elizabeth Taylor, is one of the last great actors that came out of old Hollywood. No one will ever have a career like Elizabeth Taylor. We may never see an actor like her again.

Eddie Fisher, was a talented singer and entertainer, who was one of the world's most famous and singers in the 1950's, selling millions of records and having his own TV show.

He performed in his first movie, Bundle of Joy(1956), with his first wife, Debbie Reynolds.

His second film, Butterfield 8(1960), with Elizabeth Taylor, whom he married soon after.


  1. Dawn, it was fun to see a post on Liz and Eddie...I always thought they were an ill-matched couple. Do you think Liz won her BUTEERFIELD 8 Oscar because of her illness? I always thought there was some truth in that. TCM ran CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF last night and I thought her performance in it was much stronger than the one in BUTTERFIELD.

  2. Rick, Thank you. I think Richard Burton was a better match for her. I have read where Liz, has stated many times that BUtterfield 8 is not one of her favorite films and feels she won the Oscar because of her recent illness rather than her performance. So, there maybe some truth to that. I agree.. her performance in HOT TIN ROOF, is much stronger than her performance in the film, BUTTERFIELD 8.


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