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What I think men most like about the western/film noir actor Robert Mitchum, is how he swaggered through the wildness of his youth and became very independent man. Without a doubt, one of Mr. Mitchum's best films is also his favorite performance, The Night of the Hunter (1955). His performance as Reverend Harry Powell, is considered by many to be one of the most suspenseful of his career.

The film begins when family man Ben Harper, is sentenced to hang for his part in a robbery in which two men were killed. Before he is caught he hides the stolen money, telling only his son John, where the money is.

Reverend Harry Powell, a serial killer and posing as preacher with the two words "LOVE" and "HATE" tattooed across his knuckles, shares a prison cell with Harper. While Harper sleeping, Powell over hears him say: "And a little child shall lead them."

Powell, now believes that Harper's children, are the only ones who know the secret of where the money is and to win their trust, marries their mother, Willa. Powell, asks the children about the money and John becomes suspicious of Powell and does not trust him. Willa, overhears her new husband questioning the children and now that she knows the truth, he kills her.

After Powell dumps her body, you see a beautiful/horrific under water scene of her sitting in the car at the bottom of the pond. He learns where the money is and the children escape down the river with the money. The river scene is one of many moments of pure beauty and the music keeps you drifting along.

 They find safety with an eccentric old woman named, Rachel Cooper. Powell, eventually catches up with them, but Rachel knows that he is evil and takes matters into her own hands.

The cat and mouse game, between Reverend Harry Powell and young John, will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.


  1. The Night Of The Hunter featured Mitchum at his most menacing. An incredible performance.

  2. I have to admit, I put off seeing this movie (and another Mitchum suspense film, Cape Fear) for years because I had heard how scary they were. As I've told you before, I absolutely cannot do terror/horror, so I really was afraid those movies would be too much for me. Finally, however, I gave in to my kids' begging and got both films. And I totally loved both. Suspenseful and exciting, without being the kind of suspense that has me sleeping with lights on and weapons beside my bed.

    Robert Mitchum really was an extremely versatile actor.

  3. "The Night of the Hunter" is one of our favourite films! Great post - and thanks for participating! :)

  4. Dawn - "The Night of the Hunter" is such a gorgeous and chilling film. A real masterpiece. I think Robert Mitchum gives the performance of his life in it (his role in "Cape Fear" a few years later was similar, but "Night" is the better film). And he is in fine company with Lillian Gish and Shelley Winters - and James Gleason in a smaller supporting role. "The Night of the Hunter" was the only film actor Charles Laughton ever directed and stunning proof of his incredible talent.

    Great choice for the "For the Boys" blogathon and great work, Dawn.

  5. Dawn - you picked a real winner. This film is just about perfect. Mitchum is a terror, but you can't take your eyes off of him (no should you!).

  6. Dawn,
    Even if you aren't a Mitchum fan you have to give kudos for his performance in NOTH. I agree with Eve here as far as it being both chilling and the performance of a lifetime.
    I recently watched The Two Mrs. Carroll's for the first time and Bogart playing the psychotic killer reminded me of Mitchum here. I rather enjoyed Bogart playing something so different.
    A great write up for the Blogathon.

  7. Wonderful choice, Dawn! My two favorite Mitchum performances are the ones in NIGHT OF THE HUNTER and OUT OF THE PAST. In NIGHT, I love the little speech with the battling hands. Still, the most memorable scene for me is when he and Lillian are singing.

  8. Great look at a great film. Mitchum at his most sinister. As a supposedly typical red-blooded American boy, I must say that Mitchum is one of the tops.

  9. Paul S, I agree.. he is also gives a chilling performance in the film, Cape Fear.

    Patti, I'm so glad that you put your fears a side to watch a couple of great films.

    The Scarlett Olive, Thank you for inviting me.

    The Lady Eve, Thank you and thank you for sharing the fun facts.

    Rick29, The films, Night of the Hunter and Out of the Past are also, my two favorite Mitchum performances. The scene where he is singing with Lillian, I found a little shocking. I thought her guard was down and that she was a goner for sure.

    Page, Thank you, I also like the film, The Two Mrs. Carroll's. I'm also, a hug fan of Boggie and I will keep what you said in mind next time I watch it.

    FlickChick, You are absolutely right.. us girls like him too.

    Kevyn Knox, I also.. have always thought of Mitchum, as a typical red-blooded American boy.

  10. Dawn ,Not to worry Lillian still had the shotgun in her lap what a great scene. BTW if you ever get the chance to see Night on a big screen do it , Tv even 1080p Hi Def is just not good enough

  11. Paul2, I would love to see Night of the Hunter, on the BIG screen. How amazing that would be..


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