Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Smiling Ghost (1941).

The Smiling Ghost (1941). Directed by Lewis Seiler. Cast: Brenda Marshall, Alexis Smith, Wayne Morris.

The story begins when unemployed engineer Lucky Downing, is hired by wealthy Mrs. Bentley to pretend to be engaged to her granddaughter, Elinor Bentley Fairchild. Unknown to Lucky, all of Elinor's former fiancees have had horrible accidents and have ended up crippled or dead..

When Elinor, meets Lucky and his Valet Clarence at the station, and Lucky is happy to see that she is very beautiful. So.. when he meets her relatives, he is surprised to find that they are all kooky or sinister.

Soon after Lucky, meets with reporter Lil Barstow, who has been writing Elinor's story for the local newspaper. Lil, tells Lucky about her former fiancees and tries talking him into leaving before something happens to him. He decides to stay, after Elinor tells him that she has fallen in love with him. Lucky tries to stop Lil, from writing his story, but.. she takes him to visit Paul, who believes that Eggleston is not really dead and is killing Elinor's fiancees out of jealousy. Lucky suggests that he and Elinor pretend to marry to lure the killer or the ghost out of hiding. When Lucky, is attacked, will the mystery be solved?

This is another one of those films you dont hear alot about...but, I have to say it is a Awesome film...Wayne Morris absolutely wonderful as the hero and Willie Best gives a excellent performance as Luckys Valet ... You will fall in love with the cast of family characters.

Brenda Marshall (September 29, 1915 – July 30, 1992), made her first film performance in the film, Espionage Agent(1939). The following year, she played the leading lady to Errol Flynn in, The Sea Hawk. After divorcing actor Richard Gaines in 1940, she married the actor William Holden in 1941. She performed with James Cagney in the film, Captains of the Clouds(1942). The Constant Nymph (1943), She also played scientist Nora Goodrich in the the film, Strange Impersonation(1946).

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