Monday, June 6, 2011

Silent Film Star: Mary Nolan.

Fun Fact:

Known as Imogene "Bubbles" Wilson when she worked for Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..

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  1. Dawn,
    I have never heard of her. She is very Marion Davies-ish in looks. :)

  2. Robin, I just tried to leave a comment on your page, but I'm still having trouble with blogger.

  3. I know this comment is late but I was happy to read someone writing in the 21st century about Mary Nolan. I only became aware of Nolan when TCM aired Tod Browning's 'West of Zanzibar' last year. The movie is (I believe) a revelation for classic/silent movie fans for two reasons: Lon Chaney and Mary Nolan. Since this is about Mary Nolan I will only comment on her performance which is amazingly modern - a very honest and moving performance of a young woman who has been abused by the two father figures in her life. I was pleasantly surprised by her superb acting which was not at all like other silent movie stars. The film's plot is outrageous but I later found out that very sadly, several of her character's (Maize) life experiences, mirrored Nolan's own in real life. Had she better guidance in life, or been able to stay away from abusive men and drugs, would certainly have left us a greater body of work and probably lived much longer than her death in 1948 at 42.

    Side note: According to reviews of Ziegfeld Follies in the early teens she was a standout dancer and was singled out for her abilities and probably her natural charisma. Her dance name was Imogene "Bubbles" Wilson. At one point in her acting career she sued producer Eddie Mannix for allegedly beating her. I don't know if she won the suit but Mannix was a powerful man in Hollywood and a brutal misogynist. I think that even without her drug problems and poor partner choices taking on one of the head's of MGM more than likely is what sunk her career.

  4. Apologies - I missed your 'fun fact' about her dance name. :) Thanks for your blog.

  5. Paulette, thank you for adding your thoughts to the Mary Nolan, post. I'm always suprised how many classic actors died so young.

    I have not yet seen the film,'West of Zanzibar'. I will keep an eye out for it.


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