Friday, June 17, 2011

Congrats, to ClassicBecky !!

Betty Boop

Congratulations to ClassicBecky for being elected to the CMBA Board of Governors!!

Thank you Rick for allowing me to participate on the board this past year. I really enjoyed reviewing others wonderful blogs and would do it again in a heartbeat...


  1. Dawn, I've been working on Nathanel's blogathon since you posted this, plus keeping my grandkids all week, etc. I'm exhausted! I didn't get over until now to say thank you for your congratulations! It's really sweet of you -- Rick said you were a valued member of the Board, and looks like I'll have some special shoes to fill. But then, I've always known you are special!

  2. Becky, Thank you.. That was very kind of Rick to say that. Just think of me as holding your place until you could fulfill your duties on the board..


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