Saturday, May 28, 2011

Four's a Crowd (1938)

Four's a Crowd (1938). Romantic/comedy directed by Michael Curtiz and released by Warner Brothers. Cast: Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Rosalind Russell, Patric Knowles, Walter Connolly, Hugh Herbert, Melville Cooper, Franklin Pangborn, Herman Bing, Margaret Hamilton, Joseph Crehan, Joe Cunningham, Gloria Blondell, Carole Landis and Lana Turner. The fourth of nine movies made by Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn.

The story begins when the newspaper might be shut down when owner, Pat Buckley, gets into a argument with the Editor-in-chief, Robert Lansford .

Meanwhile, Lansford hopes to add John Dillingwell's business to his PR firm and uses his position at Buckley's paper to write a good review for Dillingwell. He soon finds out that Dillingwell's daughter Lorri, is Buckley's fiancee. Lansford decides to try to charm Lorri while Christy makes a play for Buckley. In the end, you don't know who Lansford will end up with?

Errol Flynn, gives a wonderful comic performance. One of my favorite scenes where he is chased by dogs snapping at his heels chasing him off his girlfriends property. Olivia de Havilland, looks gorgeous as the daughter of millionaire Connolly. A fluffy romance, but... worth watching if you are a fan of these stars.

Margaret Hamilton (December 9, 1902 – May 16, 1985) was known for her performance as the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

A former schoolteacher, she worked as a character actor in films for seven years before she was offered the role that we all love her for.

In later years, Hamilton made many cameos on television sitcoms and commercials.

She also was an advocate for children and animals, and was commitment to public education.


  1. Dawn! How could you do this to me!? I make an innocent visit to your site and I find myself forced to stay here and watch a whole movie! I have other things to do you know! LOL!

    As soon as I see Errol Flynn's picture, I'm hooked. I've seen all his films, this one included. I agree that he did really well with comedy, and I love to watch him do it. The scene with the dogs IS hilarious. He manages to make a light, fluffy movie even more fun. Of course he had a little help with wonderful actors like Russell, deHavilland and Knowles! Many thanks for what is not only a really good article with interesting facts about dear Margaret Hamilton expecially, but also for being responsible for letting me watch a Flynn movie when it isn't my fault! Love it!

  2. This is a funny Flynn comedy, Dawn. I always enjoy the scene where Errol puts butter on the model train tracks so his locomotive will run the race!

  3. From the description, this reads a bit like Warners' version of MGM's "Libeled Lady" from 1936, right down to the casting of the great Walter Connolly in a supporting role. As a Carole Lombard fan, I sort of wish she had been offered the Olivia or Roz roles instead of being stuck with the aimless "Fools For Scandal."

  4. Becky, I'm so glad that you stopped by to watch a Errol film, with me. :) I just saw the film, Fours A Crowd, for the first time last week, when it was on TCM. I can see why you love Errol, so much. He was so full of personality and fun in this film.

    Rick, Gosh!! Errol could really pull off a comedy film performance.

    VP81955, Carole Lombard, would have been wonderful in this film.

    You guys have a wonderful weekend.


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