Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday: Robert Ryan!

Ryan wanted a career in show business as a playwright, but had to turn to acting to support himself. He studied acting in Hollywood and performed on stage and in small film parts during the early 1940s.

In January 1944, after winning a contract with RKO Radio Pictures, Ryan enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served as a drill instructor at Camp Pendleton, in San Diego, California. At Camp Pendleton, he befriended writer and future director Richard Brooks.

Ryan's breakthrough film role was in the film, Crossfire (1947), a film noir based on Brooks's novel.

The role won Ryan his sole career Oscar nomination, for Best Supporting Actor. On Dangerous Ground (1951) he portrayed a burnt-out city cop finding redemption while solving a murder. In the film, The Set-Up (1949), he played an over-the-hill boxer who is brutally punished for refusing to take a dive. Other important films were The Naked Spur, House of Bamboo, Bad Day at Black Rock, and Odds Against Tomorrow. He also performed in several war films including, The Longest Day (1962) and Battle of the Bulge (1965), and The Dirty Dozen. He also played John the Baptist in the epic, King of Kings (1961) and was the villainous Claggart in, Billy Budd (1962). Ryan's best known performance's were in the films, The Dirty Dozen, The Professionals (1966) and The Wild Bunch (1969).


  1. What's happened to some of your posts from earlier today Dawn ?
    Every time I click the link on my dashboard it says page not available.Are you having problems?

  2. Paul, Yes, I'm having problems with blogger today. :(

    I will try and re post my earlier movie review.

  3. Dawn, I thing Robert Ryan is a fantastic actor, and what a man! I did an article on his movie with Ida Lupino, "Beware My Lovely", an unusual role for him but he shines. I think he was supposed to have been a genuinely nice guy too, which is always good to hear. Nice tribute for his birthday.

  4. Becky, Thank you. I remember reading your wonderful article, Beware My Lovely". I always try and catch Robert Ryan, movies whenever TCM has them on. I saw Woman on the Beach, for the first time yesterday. I will post a review later today.


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