Thursday, October 14, 2010

Silent Film Star: Patsy Ruth Miller.

Patsy Ruth Miller (January 17, 1904 – July 16, 1995). After being discovered by the actress Alla Nazimova at a Hollywood party, Patsy Ruth Miller got her first break with a small role in Camille(1921). A silent film starring Rudolph Valentino and Alla Nazimova.

Other Patsy Miller movies:
Trimmed (1922)
Fortune's Mask (1922)
Omar the Tentmaker (1922)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923). Cast: Lon Chaney as Quasimodo and Patsy Ruth Miller as Esmeralda, and is directed by Wallace Worsley. The film is the most famous adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel, aside from the 1996 Disney adaptation. The film was Universals "Super Jewel" of 1923 and was their most successful silent film. The film is best known  for the beautiful sets that showcase 15th century Paris as well as Lon Chaney's performance and spectacular make-up . The film elevated Chaney, to full star status in Hollywood. It also helped set a standard for many later horror films.

Other Patsy Ruth Miller films:
Why Girls Go Back Home (1926)
So This Is Paris (1926)
The First Auto (1927)The First Auto(1927). Silent's review.
The Aviator (1929)
Mother (1978)


  1. Dawn, thank you for posting the lovely photos of Patsy Ruth Miller. I've only seen Patsy in Camille, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The First Auto and Lonely Wives, an early talkie.

  2. Gorgeous. And I actually think I might have seen her in something - which is a plus.

  3. Welcome, Amanda! Thank you, for stopping by.


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