Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silent Film Star: Madge Bellamy.

Madge Bellamy, best known films include: Love Never Dies (1921), Lorna Doone (1922), and The Iron Horse (1924). She made a successful transition to sound film in 1928 with the film, Mother Knows Best, but after a dispute with Fox in 1929, she left the studio and could not find work again until 1932, when she began performing in "B" movies. She is best known today for the 1932 film, White Zombie(1932).

Personal Quote:

"I've avoided all my life the romantic stuff which novels and movies are about. Never went in for that mush. Of course, I've missed what most people would call the ultimate human experience. But then, I've remained my own person, which at my age is a very satisfying state" - Madge Bellamy, at age 87.


  1. Dawn, thanks for posting these lovely photos of Madge Bellamy. It's a shame so few of her films are available for viewing.

  2. Quite beautiful. I think I have a few of her films around here like Lorna Doone and The Iron Horse somewhere, but I haven't seen them yet.

    You seem to have hit most of the important women but if you haven't yet, then you should look into Alice Guy's films. She is usually considered to be the first female director.

  3. Dawn, White Zombie is one of my favorite old spooky stories. Madge Bellamy had the biggest eyes! They didn't give her much acting to do in that movie, mostly just stare in a trance, but she was beautiful! I'd like to see her in a real acting part -- I'll have to try to get one of her silents.

  4. Silent, I'm looking for her websight to add to the side bar. So we can learn more about her.

    JumpRaven, Welcome :) I do not think I have seen any of Alice Guy's films. I will see what I can find on her and share what I find.

    Becky, Doing a little research on Madge Bellamy, I watched a White Zombie movie trailer. Very scary!


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