Friday, August 27, 2010

Kim Novak five movie tribute.

TCM is having a Kim Novak five movie tribute, Wednesday September 1st. Kim Novak is best known for her performance in the classic film Vertigo(1958).

A young drifter stirs up passions in a small-town Labor Day picnic. Cast: William Holden, Kim Novak, Rosalind Russell. Dir: Joshua Logan.

Jeanne Eagels(1957)
The famed actress fights drug addiction to build a career and find love. Cast: Kim Novak, Jeff Chandler, Agnes Moorehead. Dir: George Sidney.

Pal Joey (1957) film, loosely based from the musical play of the same name. Cast: Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra, and Kim Novak. Kim Novak's singing voice was dubbed by Trudy Erwin. Director: George Sidney. Choreographer: Hermes Pan. Sinatra won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. Pal Joey also earned four Academy Award nominations and two Golden Globe nominations.

Night club singer, Joey, is thrown out of town, for being caught with the mayor's underage daughter. When Joey arrives in San Fransisco, he sees a poster of his friend, band leader Ned, at the Barbary Coast Club. When the club's entrainment fails to show, Joey jumps onstage to perform. Later, Ned invites Joey and Linda English, to perform with the band at a charity event sponsored by Vera Simpson. Joey recognizes Vera as a former stripper, and embarrasses her by introducing her on stage. Then has her perform one of her dance routines to raise money for charity. Later that night, Ned and Joey walk Linda to her apartment, there Joey notices a room for rent sign in the window. The next morning, Linda is not happy to hear Joey knocking on her bathroom door.

As time goes on, Joey dates most of the club's girls. Only Gladys and Linda have been immune to his womanizing ways.. Linda tricks him into buying a small dog, named "Snuffy."

Wanting to get even with Joey for embarrassing her, Vera comes to the club. As Joey begins to sing, Vera walks out without paying her bill and Mike fires him. Sure of himself, Joey strikes a deal with Mike, if Joey can convince Vera to return to the club by Saturday, he can keep his job with a raise.. Joey goes to see Vera at her mansion and tells her that he has been fired because of her and intends to leave town. Back at the apartment Linda tells Joey that she will miss him and Snuffy. At closing time that night, Vera walks to the club, Joey sings an insulting song to her. They leave together and drive up to her yacht. There, Joey shares with her his dream to have his own club. When Joey suggests that Vera become his partner in "Chez Joey," they seal the deal with a kiss. In love with Linda, will Joey give up his dream to save his integrity? Pal Joey, is one of my favorite musicals. A wonderful collection of songs and lots of glamorous star power.

Middle of the Night(1959)
A widowed businessman courts a younger woman who works for him. Cast: Fredric March, Kim Novak, Lee Grant. Dir: Delbert Mann.

Notorious Landlady,(1962)
A junior diplomat in London falls in love with his landlady even though she's a murder suspect. Cast: Jack Lemmon, Kim Novak, Fred Astaire. Please click on Kim Novak's name in the tag line located at the bottom of the post, to read movie review.

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