Friday, August 27, 2010

This Week: On Noir and Chick Flicks.

Now that "Summer Under the Stars" is winding down. I'm planning on couple of new things for Noir and Chick Flicks. I plan on having more movie polls located on the side bar. And... what I hope to turns out to be a lot of fun the "Looks Like" series. Where I compare a classic movie star with a star from the present, that I think look simular.

Also.. I'm going to restart the Noir and Chick Flicks: This week at the Movies. This weeks featured film. The Big Bluff(1955). Cast: John Bromfield, Martha Vicker(pictured above), Robert Hutton and Rosemarie Stack. When a scheming fortune hunter finds his rich wife is not going to die as expected, he and his lover make other plans to get her millions. Click picture on side bar to view movie.

TCM is having a Kim Novak five movie tribute, Wednesday September 1st. Please check out side bar to vote on the Kim Novak featured movies that you have seen.

Friday, September 3rd TCM is showing the film, Blue Daliah (1946). I'm really really looking forward to watching it for the first time.

Monty, came up with a wonderful idea for Chick Flicks Musical Page: Singin' and Dancing Back in Time. He thought it would be fun if every month we would come up with a theme.. So we decided that: This month on Chick Flicks Musicals: The Golden Age of Musicals: From the 1940s. I hope you enjoy..


  1. Some grat ideas there Dawn, I'm look forward to seeing the results !

  2. Looks like September will be awesome Dawn. I love the polls and the similar stars you have been doing. And I will definitely be contributing with the 1940's musicals spotlight next month.

  3. Thank you Paul and Monty!

    Monty, I will be looking forward to reading your posts!


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