Monday, August 23, 2010

Silent Film Star: Constance Talmadge.

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  1. Even though she is largely forgotten today because not many of her films are available on dvd, Constance Talmadge was one of the greatest comediennes of the silent screen. Thanks for posting this lovely tribute to Connie.

  2. For their mother and the three sisters, their climb out of abject poverty to wealth was worthy of a movie script. The sisters were very wise to leave the movie industry while on top, when the change to talkies began. That they were able live off of their careful managed earnings, guaranteed that they would "never be hungry again" to borrow the Scarlett O'Hara line in GWTW.
    The sisters were not just pretty faces used as wallpaper for the male lead, they were great Silent Film stars and their combined body of work stands as a testimony to their artistic ability. It is sad that many of their movies are lost. Nevertheless, people still remember the Talmadge name!

  3. Terry Stephens, Thank you so much for stopping by and adding to my Talmadge Tribute blog.


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