Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Clock (1945): Every second a heart-beat .

The Clock (1945). Cast: Judy Garland and Robert Walker. Director: Vincente Minnelli. This was Garland's first dramatic role as well as her first film in which she did not sing.

Soon after arriving in New York City to begin his two-day leave, Corporal Joe Allen meets Alice Maybery and it is love at first sight. Joe and Alice spend the afternoon sightseeing around New York, following their visit to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum, as Alice boards a bus for home. Joe is unable to bring himself to the thought that he may never see her again and chases after the bus. Feeling the same way about him, Alice agrees to meet him later that evening.

When Alice tells Helen, about her new found love, Helen thinks it is best for her to stay away from soldiers because they only break hearts. Alice, does not agree and meets Joe for dinner.

Alice and Joe become so absorbed in each other that they forget the time and miss the last bus. Joe later stops a milk truck and asks for a ride home. The milk truck driver agrees to take Joe and Alice home, but.. only if they first go with him on his milk run. Al, Joe and Alice stop by a diner for breakfast, where a drunk gets into a fight with Al. Al is injured and unable to finish is milk route, Joe and Alice finish his route for him.

Later that morning, Al brings Joe and Alice to his home, where Al's wife cooks breakfast for everyone. Mrs. Henry suggests that they marry right away. Alice and Joe agree, but they become separated in a crowded subway station. Will they will be reunited before Joe has to go off to war?

What I loved about this film was the chemistry between Robert Walker and Judy Garland: they are both lonely souls who team up in a series of adventures. Each time trying to go their own way, they cannot seem to part ways. This film really is not a fluffy film, as you can see how they feel about their conflict on their faces.

Fun Fact:
The lady at the luncheonette counter is Moyna MacGill, Angela Landsbury's mother.


  1. Dawn, I always loved The Clock. You are quite right, Walker and Garland are a good match. It was such a moving story. Nice write-up.

  2. Dawn, this is one of my wife's favorite films. and I like it too


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