Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sea Chase(1955)

The Sea Chase (1955) World War II film. Cast John Wayne and Lana Turner. Director: John Farrow. Written by James Warner Bellah. The story is a about Wayne's character who is determined to get his German freighter home, while being chased by British and Australian naval ships.

In the beginning of World War II, at Australia's Sydney Harbor, Commander Jeffrey Napier of the British Navy stops by to see an old family friend, Karl Ehrlich, the German captain of the freighter Ergenstrasse. Even though he does not support the war, Karl remains loyal to his homeland and shows Jeff his beloved German flag.

The Nazis have just invaded Poland and war is about to begin, Jeff discusses with Karl that the British are taking over the Ergenstrasse. Jeff then introduces Karl to his fiancee, Elsa Keller, unaware that they already know each other. When they are alone, Karl tells Elsa to leave Jeff alone or he will tell him about her past. She makes a promise to get even with Karl. Even with shortage of fuel and supplies, Karl is determined to hide from the British and return the Ergenstrasse to Germany. As Karl is leaving, the German General exposes Elsa as a secret agent and orders him to take her with him. You have to watch this cat and mouse game to see what happens next. :)

Video: Movie trailer.

What got me to watch the film Sea Chase, was out of pure curiosity of the two lead characters, John Wayne and Lana Turner, in a film together. I remember thinking.."Are you kidding me? I have got to see this." For me, it turned out to be a very thought-provoking war film and ladies... Lana Turners wardrobe was fabulous.


  1. Dawn, Thanks for not saying to much about the film, it works best "going in cold"

  2. Paul.. Your welcome.. I hope I gave just enough info. to get your interest up:)

  3. Never seen this one either. Dawn, you've got my interest now. Can't wait to see it.

  4. Monty, Please let us know how you liked the film, The Sea Chase, after you watch it..:)

  5. I have never seen this one. Sounds very good, and it's on my list of never-seen to watch, soon I hope.

  6. Bec, Please, also.. let us know how you liked the film, The Sea Chase, after you watch it..:)


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