Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Gone Fishing"

Sometimes our favorite classic movie stars took time from the set to do a little recreational sport fishing. I wonder what they used for bait?

Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio

Dorothy Lamour

Irene Dunne and  Melvin Douglas

Jane Russell

Doris Day(on left)

Rock Hudson

Gary Cooper

Gail Russell

Greta Garbo

Jean Harlow (on right)

Helen Walker

Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio

Lana Turner

Marilyn Monroe

Ginger Rogers


  1. Fun post, Dawn! What great photos! That one of Rock Hudson is swoon-worthy! What a gorgeous guy!

    I got a kick out of Joe and Marilyn in the suit and dress. Our casual-dressing society would no more be dressed like that to go fishing (or even to go to church) than they would fly to the moon.

    1. Even though, it looks like Rock Hudson posed for the picture.. I could not resist posting it...

      I know what you mean... I wished people would dress up more too.

  2. Love the Marilyn & Joe photos, but I can't help wondering: Where on earth did Lana get those boots??

  3. Lana, does not to comfortable in her bell-bottom boots.:)


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