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This movie is part of the Carole Lombard Glamour DVD Collection: Man of the World (1931).

Man of the World (1931). Directed by Richard Wallace. Cast: William Powell, Carole Lombard, Wynne Gibson, Lawrence Gray. This was the first of three movies that Powell and Lombard made together. They met on the set and married the same year the movie was released.

Michael Trevor, began his career as a newspaper writer named Jimmie Powers, but because of a huge scandal he leaves the United States. He now runs a scandal newspaper in Paris, making a living on exposing wealthy American men, who come to Paris with their mistresses, but.. as a gentleman, Michael refuses to blackmail women.

Michael's latest story is about Harold Taylor, the soft coal baron of Pennsylvania. Saying that he is a novelist, Michael befriends Taylor, by suggesting that he prosecute the editor of a scandal newspaper, who is about to print a story about him and a beautiful blonde.

Taylor asks Michael to give the editor $2,000 to keep quiet. Soon after he meets Taylor's niece, Mary Kendall, who is in Paris with her boyfriend, Frank Thompson.

After, Frank leaves for business in London, Mary and Michael spend time together and fall in love. He decides to tell her the truth about himself and promises to be a better man, she believes him and accepts his marriage proposal.

Michael's, soon to be ex-girl friend, Irene Harper, who works with him on the scandal sheet, was hoping that Michael would swindle Taylor, out of the money she needed to post bail for her brother back in America.

When Michael tells her that he and Mary are going to marry, Irene goes into a jealous rage and convinces Michael he will never change and that marriage to an ex-con would be unfair to Mary. He agrees with her and tries to convince Mary, that he can not change after all with a scandalous story about Mary and Michael visiting a inn, and wants $10,000 to keep quiet. Will Mary, agree to have her uncle write Michael a check and will Irene, get her revenge for being dumped?

If you are in the mood for a slower paced Powell and Lombard film and the film that brought about their marriage. This film is for you.

Wynne Gibson (July 3, 1905 – May 15, 1987), began her stage career in chorus and was soon playing leads.

She toured Europe then returned to America and tried for a dramatic part but failed and returned to musical comedy.

Paramount signed her on when she was about to film, Nothing But the Truth (1929), which starting her success which continued in 50 films between 1929 and 1956 although many were B movies.

Gibson was a long-time companion of former Warner Brothers actress, Beverly Roberts.

Gibson died in 1987 of a cerebral thrombosis in Laguna Niguel, California, after suffering an attack in the home she shared with Roberts.


  1. Dawn,
    I haven't seen this film. Not sure how I missed it given the cast. (I love all things, William Powell and Carole some of the time.)

    I've been doing research on Wynne for a bio I want to do on her so I'll be sure to add this film to my list.

    Thanks for the fun info on this one.

  2. Page, I can not wait to read your Wynne Gibson, bio..


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