Tuesday, March 12, 2013

They Met in Bombay (1941).

They Met in Bombay(1941). Drama/adventure/romance/war film. Directed by Clarence Brown. Cast: Clark Gable, Rosalind Russell and Peter Lorre. In the beginning, Lana Turner was announced as the female lead.

While the Duchess of Beltravers travels to Bombay, India.. jewel thief Gerald Meldrick has a perfect fake made of her treasured "Star of Asia" necklace. Gerald then goes to India, posing as a Lloyd's of London detective, who's there to protect his clients' jewelry.

Registering at the same hotel is Baroness von Duren, to whom Gerald notices right away. Unknown to Gerald, the baroness is actually Anya von Duren, a thief who also has plans to steal the necklace.. Gerald soon becomes suspicious of Anya, after she asks him how someone might steal the necklace.

That evening, Anya arranges to dine with to the duchess and pretending to be a friend of her relatives, Anya follows her to her suite. After the duchess falls asleep, Anya steals the necklace, after which Gerald sneaks into the duchess' room and switches the real necklace with the fake.

He then goes to Anya, takes the pendant from her and convinces her that he is letting her off with a warning. Anya's gratefulness soon ends when she discovers that he has switched the necklaces and the next day she confronts him.

Gerald, suggests that they become partners and they narrowly escape arrest when police Inspector Cressney discovers the theft. Forced to flee on a steamer, they have to deal with Captain Chang, who wants the reward for their capture.

Gerald and Anya,  jump ship after learning that Chang plans to turn them in. Now living in Hong Kong, Gerald and Anya are in love and living in poverty. Anya, wants to live a normal life, but.. Gerald, thinks otherwise.

One day, Gerald, who was once a British officer, poses as "Captain Huston" in a scheme to confiscate money from a Chinese merchant accused of stealing from the army. Gerald has some soldiers to help him and is so convincing that he is ordered to report to the Hong Kong Garrison for duty.

Because the Japanese army is advancing, all Europeans and friendly Chinese must leave Chang-lin, and Gerald is ordered to lead a regiment there. He cannot leave the barracks, but arranges for Anya to meet him at Chang-lin. She is there when he arrives and the evacuation is planned until Japanese troops refuse to allow anyone to leave.

Gerald, risks his own life destroying Japanese machine guns and is seriously wounded before the battle is over. When Gerald is released from the army hospital, he plans his and Anya's escape, unaware that he is to be awarded the Victoria Cross. Will he attend the award ceremony or leave before they are arrested?

What starts out as a fun jewel thieves adventure/romance film... turns into a wartime adventure. Which, kind of dragged on for me..

Jessie Ralph (November 5, 1864 – May 30, 1944), she made her Hollywood debut in 1916, she only became a permanent Hollywood actress in 1933. She was nearly 70 at this time, so her roles were restricted to those of older ladies.

Her best known roles are as Greta Garbo's maid in Camille, and as W.C. Fields' mother-in-law in, The Bank Dick.

She starred in 55 movies altogether, 52 between 1933 and 1940 She retired in 1940, after her leg was amputated and she died 4 years later at the age of 79.

Her husband, Bill Patton (1894–1951), was a bit- part actor in Westerns.


  1. I've never heard of this film. I do love Clark, but Roz Russell is not a huge draw for me.

    What happened to Lana? She and Clark made 4 films together, and I thought they were great together. Wonder what happened to keep her out of this one.

  2. I'm not 100 percent sure.. but, I think it was because Carole, did not want Lana to work with her husband..

  3. I felt the same about this film - I would have preferred if they had stuck wiht the jewel thieves story line. But I also think their chemistry wasn't that great either.

  4. Alyssa LM, I also.. would have preferred Lana, in Rosalind Russell's part. I guess we are just not war film fans..


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