Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Silent Film Star: Marion Davies, is portrayed by:

Silent Film Star: Marion Davies, is portrayed by:

Kirsten Dunst in The Cat's Meow (2001). A period drama directed by Peter Bogdanovich, and starring Kirsten Dunst, Eddie Izzard, Edward Herrmann, Cary Elwes, Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Tilly. The screenplay by Steven Peros is based on his play of the same title, which was inspired by the mysterious death of film mogul Thomas H. Ince.

The film takes place aboard publisher William Randolph Hearst's yacht on a weekend cruise celebrating Ince's 42nd birthday in November 1924. Among those in attendance are Hearst's longtime companion and film actress Marion Davies, fellow actor Charlie Chaplin, writer Elinor Glyn, columnist Louella Parsons, and actress Margaret Livingston.

The celebration is cut short by an unusual death that would go on to become the subject of legendary Hollywood folklore.

Melanie Griffith in RKO 281 (1999) (TV). RKO 281 is a 1999 historical drama film directed by Benjamin Ross. It stars Liev Schreiber, James Cromwell, Melanie Griffith, John Malkovich, Roy Scheider and Liam Cunningham.

The film is about the troubled production behind the 1941 film Citizen Kane. The film's title is a reference to the original production number of Citizen Kane.

Virginia Madsen in The Hearst and Davies Affair (1985) (TV). The Story of the decades-long affair between married newspaper magnate and movie producer William Randolph Hearst and actress and former "Ziegfeld Follies" showgirl Marion Davies.

Heather McNair in Chaplin (1992). A biographical film about the life of British comedian Charlie Chaplin. It was produced and directed by Richard Attenborough and stars Robert Downey, Jr., Moira Kelly, Dan Aykroyd, Penelope Ann Miller, and Kevin Kline. It also features Geraldine Chaplin in the role of her own paternal grandmother, Hannah Chaplin. The film was adapted by William Boyd, Bryan Forbes and William Goldman from the books My Autobiography by Chaplin and Chaplin: His Life and Art by film critic David Robinson. Associate producer Diana Hawkins got a story credit. The original music score was composed by John Barry.


  1. Peter Bogdanovich has written that it was stipulated Kirsten Dunst portray Marion Davies by those who financed The Cat's Meow. She was fine in the film but in no way reminded me of Marion Davies. I remember thinking Virginia Madsen was a decent Marion but don't remember much about Melanie Griffith or Heather McNair.

  2. I also, have not seen Melanie Griffith in RKO 281. Although, I'm looking forward to seeing it.


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