Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love Hollywood Style: Charlton Heston .

Married for sixty-five years, Lydia Clarke was first and only love. Charlton Heston and Lydia met at Northwestern University where they were both students taking a theater course. Charlton Heston, a 19-year-old college student who enlisted in the Air Corps, asked Lydia Clarke to marry him before he was sent overseas. Charlton and Lydia were married on March 17, 1944 at Grace Methodist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Lydia and Charlton have two children and three grandchildren: Fraser Clarke Heston: Born 2/12/1955 in Los Angeles, California. Fraser has worked in the motion picture and television industry as a director, producer, and writer. Fraser was the infant Moses in the 1956 production of The Ten Commandments.

Holly Ann Heston Rochell: Born 8/2/1961, Holly was adopted by Lydia and Charlton .

Lydia and Charlton have lived in their Coldwater Canyon home in the Santa Monica mountains near Beverly Hills, California for most of their married life together.

Video: Charlton Heston and Other Stars at the Academy Awards.


  1. Dawn, are you missing an "H" somewhere?

  2. It's so unusual for Hollywood actors to be married to the same person for so long, but it's heart-warming to see when it does.

  3. I think it's awesome that they had such a long marriage...until death separated them. And from all accounts, it appears that he was a faithful husband...a rare thing in Hollywood!

    Though I've seen Mr. Heston in other things, he is and always will be Moses or Ben-Hur to me.

  4. Thank you Kim, for catching the "h" for me..

    silverscreenings, I know... I think it is wonderful..

    Patti, I have not read anywhere that he stepped outside his marriage..

    I think my favorite Charlton Heston film is, Planet of the Apes..


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