Sunday, November 11, 2012

That Funny Feeling (1965).

That Funny Feeling (1965). Romantic/comedy. Cast: Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin, and Donald O'Connor. This was the third film pairing of Dee and then-husband Darin, following: Come September (1961) and If a Man Answers(1962). It was the second film that O'Connor and Kathleen Freeman made together, the first was, Singin' in the Rain.

Aspiring actress Joan Howell, who lives in a one room apartment, making a living as a maid, has many accidental meetings with Tom Milford, a big publishing company executive. Wanting to impress him she invites him to one of her employers beautiful apartment to whom she has never met. Which turns out to be Toms's own apartment.

Tom, cancels a trip and is surprised to see Joan in his own apartment, but he goes along with the gag and moves in with Harvey. They each learn of the other's identity, but neither spills the beans. Joan decides to play a trick on Tom and invites all his former girl friends to come over to his apartment dressed as prostitutes. Will he ever forgive her for embarrassing him?

This is a cute comedy full of misunderstandings and innuendo. A few funny scenes: Darin, in his boxer shorts, causing a scene outside a pay phone and two nosy bartenders gossiping away.

Nita Talbot(born August 8, 1930), began her acting career performing as a model in the film, It's a Great Feeling in 1949.

Some of her other screen roles were in the films: A Very Special Favor (1965),  Buck and the Preacher (1972), Bright Leaf (1950), This Could Be the Night (1957), I Married a Woman (1958), Who's Got the Action? (1962), Girl Happy (1965), The Day of the Locust (1975), Serial (1980), Chained Heat (1983), Fraternity Vacation (1985), and Puppet Master II (1991).

She also performed in many TV series  Joe and Mabel (1956), the second season of, The Thin Man (1958–1959), The Jim Backus Show, Here We Go Again (1973), Starting from Scratch (1988), Hogan's Hero's Man Against Crime, Bourbon Street Beat, The Secret Storm, and Supertrain. She also guest starred on several others like: Goodyear Television Playhouse, Robert Montgomery Presents, Studio One, Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, The Lawless Years, Maverick, The Tab Hunter Show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Peter Gunn, The Untouchables, Perry Mason, Rawhide, Daniel Boone, The Virginian, The Monkees, The Debbie Reynolds Show, The Jimmy Stewart Show, Bewitched, The Partridge Family, The Rockford Files, Mannix, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, All in the Family, Columbo, Lou Grant, Matt Houston, Trapper John, M.D., Charles in Charge, The John Larroquette Show and Ellen.

Talbot, also had roles in the TV soaps: Search for Tomorrow and General Hospital. In 1971. Talbot's most recent acting role was in 1997 when she voiced the character of Anastasia Hardy, the businesswoman mother of Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, in the animated series Spider-Man.

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