Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Sandpiper(1965).

The Sandpiper(1965). Cast: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Directed by Vincente Minnelli.

Laura Reynolds, is living a wonderful life as single, bohemian artist/model, with Danny her 9-year-old son (Morgan Mason, James Mason's son), in a run down beach house. Until one day Danny, shoots and kills a deer which gets him in trouble with the law and Laura is ordered by the court, to enroll him in the private school, headed by clergyman Edward Hewitt and his wife. Even though she is resentful at first, she is surprised, at how quickly Danny accepts the schools routine.

Laura and Hewitt, fall into into a passionate love affair after he walks in on her modeling nude for her artist friend. They spend many long afternoons together, along the beautiful surf and sand. Things are going well until, a jealous colleague of Hewitt, blows the whistle on the couple.

Tormented by guilt, Hewitt tells his wife, Claire about the affair, who is brokenhearted. He then makes a public admission. Laura furious that he exposed their private relationship never wants to see him again. How will Hewitt confront is problems?

This movie is filmed at the height of the Burton/Taylor popularity. We get to see a side of Liz Taylor, that is so different from past silver screen performances… here she plays a "new woman of the 60s," who believes in free love, which turns out to be the film's theme... Richard Burton, character once again pays the price for his actions..


Fun Facts:

Then unknown Raquel Welch doubled (uncredited) for Elizabeth Taylor in some of Taylor's beach scenes on location at Big Sur, California.

The third of eleven films that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton starred in together.

Script was originally envisioned as a Kim Novak vehicle, until she had a falling out with producer.


  1. I didn't know that was James Mason's son--interesting. I can definitely see this working as a Novak vehicle. She could have done her own painting.

  2. Morgan Mason, also performed with his father in the film, Hero's Island.

  3. Very interesting film. I agree with KC, I think this would have been great for Novak.



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