Monday, August 20, 2012

Knockout (1941).

Knockout (1941. Directed by William Clemens. With Arthur Kennedy, Olympe Bradna, Virginia Field and Anthony Quinn.

It does not take long before sports promoter Trego, learns that he bought a phony contract for boxer Johnny Rocket. Johnny, had already made plans to quit the ring after his next fight to please his fiancée, Angela Grinnelli. When Trego, cannot change Johnny's mind, Trego makes sure that he does not find another job.

Johnny and Angela marry, and when Angela becomes pregnant, Johnny lets Trego know, that he is ready to get back into the boxing ring.

One day at the gym, sports writer Gloria Van Ness, is introduced to Johnny. Gloria, comes on to Johnny, but.. devoted to Angela, he puts a stop to her advances.

One night, while Johnny is in the ring, Angela gives birth and the baby dies. Johnny, wanting to put it out of his mind, becomes more dedicated to winning the championship.

Johnny, eventually gives into Gloria's advances and Angela leaves him. He now believes that he is unbeatable and fires Trego. The crafty, Trego gives Johnny a drugged mouthpiece and he loses his fight. Which makes it look like he threw the fight and he is suspended from boxing.

No longer interested, Gloria drops Johnny and moves to Hawaii. Now, that his career is damaged, Johnny, must change his name and move to another town.

In one of his matches he suffers a concussion and is warned that he must never fight again. When Johnny learns that Angela paid his hospital bills, he goes to see her, but Angela's father sends him away. Not knowing what else to do, Johnny enters another match. When Angela hears about it over the radio, she rushes to the ring to stop him, but will it be too late?

I thought the classic film Knockout, was an above average 'B' film that is at its best when Johnny gets in over his head hanging out with a "fast crowd".

Olympe Bradna (born 12 August 1919, Paris, France) was a French dancer and actress. At eighteen months of age she appeared with her mother and father who were world-famous bare back riders. At the age of eight she made a hit with acrobatic dancing in a French version of Hit the Deck.

When old enough she joined the Folies Bergère. She danced in Stockholm, New York and many other capitals. She later went into films.

Filmography International Squadron (1941), Highway West (1941), Knockout (1941), South of Pago Pago (1940), The Night of Nights (1939), Say It in French (1938), Stolen Heaven (1938), Souls at Sea (1937), High, Wide, and Handsome (1937), The Last Train from Madrid (1937), College Holiday (1936), Three Cheers for Love (1936), Flofloche (1934) and Roger la Honte (1933).

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