Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Under The Stars: John Wayne.

TCM, is celebrating "A New Star" everyday in the month of August. It is a tradition I look forward to every year. This year, I plan on celebrating the actor/actress of the day with fun facts, pictures, videos and some new to me movie reviews. For the complete month line up please click on the "Summer Under The Stars" poster, located on the side bar. First actor up to bat is...

John Wayne's 1966 IH Travelall, was inspired by vehicles built for Hatari, filmed in 1962. The roof was raised six inches so that Wayne could pop out through a hatch and shoot at a comfortable height while hunting antelope. It has the International 460, a five-speed and a hydraulic clutch, medicine cabinet, heavy-duty shocks, spot-lamps, tubular roof rack and roll bars and extra spring leaves. Extended steel bumpers on both ends include a 10,000-pound winch in front and inside is air conditioning and an electric rear window. Wayne’s son Ethan, gave it the War Wagon name, another film reference.

Video: John Wayne's home movies...

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