Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Memory: Tony Martin (December 25, 1913 – July 27, 2012) was an American actor and singer who was married to performer Cyd Charisse for 60 years.

Tony Martin, who passed peacefully of natural causes, music career began when he received a saxophone on his tenth birthday. In his grammar school glee club, he became an instrumentalist and soprano pop singer. When in high school he then formed his first band called "The Red Peppers", eventually joining a local orchestra leader, Tom Gerun, as a reed instrument specialist, sitting along with a future band leader, Woody Herman. 

In 1937, Martin married Alice Faye. After divorce, he married Cyd Charisse in 1948, their marriage lasted sixty years. As musicals faded from the screen, as did Cyd Charisse career. They became a husband and wife team and performed on television and nightclubs.

Martin performed in the movies: Follow the Fleet (1936), The Farmer in the Dell (1936), Pigskin Parade (1936), The Holy Terror (1937), Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937), The Big Store (1941), Till the Clouds Roll By (1946), Casbah (1948), Clash by Night (1952), and Hit the Deck (1955).

Cyd Charisse in "Party Girl" - Title Sequence- With the theme song sung by her husband Tony Martin. Party Girl is a 1958 film noir directed by Nicholas Ray and starring Robert Taylor and Cyd Charisse.


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