Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Red Dust(1932)

Red Dust(1932). Directed by Victor Fleming. The picture is the second of six movies Clark Gable and Jean Harlow made together and was produced during the Pre-Code era of Hollywood.

After Vantine arrives at the plantation, hiding from the authorities in Saigon, she quickly adjusts to life on the plantation. Carson resists her and he wise cracks at first, but soon gives in, and they quickly begin a sexual relationship.

Carson soon loses interest in Vantine when the Willises arrive. Carson is immediately attracted to Barbara, and after sending Gary on a long surveying trip, he spends the next week seducing Barbara, as heartbroken Vantine watches.

He talks Barbara into leaving Gary for him, but changes his mind after learning how deeply Gary loves Barbara. He decides to send both of them home.

Carson turns Barbara's feelings against himself by pretending that he never loved her, at which point she shoots him. This provides a cover for Vantine and Carson to save Barbara's marriage.

Jean Harlow (March 3, 1911 – June 7, 1937), was a film actress and sex symbol  of the 1930s. Known as the "Platinum Blonde" and the "Blonde Bombshell".

Harlow performed in several films, mainly designed to showcase her magnetic sex appeal and strong screen presence, before making the transition to more developed roles and achieving fame under, MGM.


  1. This is my all time favourite Jean Harlow film!! The Jean and CLark combniation is amazing!!

  2. One of my favorite Jean Harlow movies - and so much better than "Mogambo" (not that Ava Gardner isn't up to the Harlow role, but Clark Gable was just too old the second time around...etc.)

  3. A very sexy movie. It's very easy to see how Clark Gable, became so famous with this film. Harlow, matches him line for line.

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