Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Green Light(1937).

Green Light (1937). Directed by Frank Borzage. Cast: Errol Flynn, Anita Louise and Margaret Lindsay. The film is adapted from a novel written by Lloyd C. Douglas. The novel is related to Douglas' previous book, Magnificent Obsession, which was also turned into a movie.

Newell Paige, life is ruined when he takes the blame for a patient's death caused by his mentor, Dr. Endicott, and is asked to resign.

He packs up and travels to Montana to work on a cure for Rocky Mountain spotted fever with his friend, bacteriologist John Stafford. As luck wold have it, Paige.. is in love with Phyllis Dexter, the dead patient's daughter.

Things become very complicated when she finds out that he also, maybe responsible for her mother's death.

In Montana, Paige begins working to discover a serum to combat the fever, using himself as a guinea pig for his experiments. After learning the truth Phyllis, travels to Montana to beg for his forgiveness just as Paige falls ill. Will she get there in time?


Errol Flynn, looks as handsome as ever. Walter Abel, gives a good performance as a dedicated physician and Henry O'Neill, is also gives a very believable performance as the doctor who makes a serious mistake during the operation. This film, maybe interesting only in the fact that Flynn plays an offbeat role as a physician.

Margaret Lindsay (September 19, 1910 - May 9, 1981), was best known for her supporting work in successful films of the 1930's and 194'0s such as: Jezebel (1938) and Scarlet Street (1945) and her leading roles in lower-budgeted B movie films such as the Ellery Queen series at Columbia in the early 1940's.

Her performance as Hepzibah Pyncheon, in the 1940 film adaptation of The House of the Seven Gables as Lindsay's standout career role.


  1. Dawn, thank you for elegant and interesting post on "Green Light", which I missed seeing this morning. I always make plans to watch a film, and then I forget to follow through. You are right about Errol Flynn being at his most handsome. He also seems to have handled the material if I needed another reason to like the man.

  2. Dawn, I agree that it's not one of Errol's best movies, but the role was a nice change-of-pace for him at the time.

  3. After his first two starring films, "Captain Blood" and "The Charge of the Light Brigade," Errol Flynn asked Warners to find him a non-swashbuckling role. "Green Light" was the result. Thankfully, he was back with sword in hand for the film, "The Prince and the Pauper."

  4. We feel that we must apologize for having not seen this film, (both hang head in shame). However we are both big fans of Errol Flynn and will definitely be looking forward to seeing this movie, especially as it shows Flynn in a less conventional role for him.
    Great Review.

  5. Liam and Pearl, Welcome! Green Light, is a "must see" for any Errol Flynn fan..


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