Friday, April 6, 2012

This Week on N and CF.

Happy Birthday: Mary Pickford.(April 8, 1892 – May 29, 1979). She had intended to have all of her films destroyed after her death, fearing that no one would care about them. She was convinced not to do this. Please click picture on side bar to learn more.

Video: Mary Pickford Documentary (1 of 8).

On TCM April 9 th: Together Again(1944). Irene Dunne is Anne Crandal ,a mayor of a small town. They call her Lady Mayor. She took over the office after the death of her husband who was the original mayor. When the statue of her husband is hit by lightening. Her stepdaughter demands the statue be rebuilt. Anne had to go NYC to interview a new sculptor.

On TCM April 10th: Without Love (1945). A play by Philip Barry, later made into a romantic comedy film starring Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. The film was directed by Harold S. Bucquet from a screenplay by Donald Ogden Stewart based on the Barry play.

On TCM April 11th: Randolph Scott Day. A film actor whose career spanned from 1928 to 1962. As a leading man for all but the first three years of his cinematic career, Scott performed in many genres: dramas, crime dramas, comedies, musicals ( in non-singing and non-dancing roles), adventure tales, war films, and even a few horror and fantasy films. Although, his best known image is that of the tall-in-the-saddle Western hero. Out of his more than 100 film performances more than 60 were in Westerns.

Happy Birthday: Ann Miller. (April 12, 1923 – January 22, 2004) was a singer, dancer and actress. Please click picture on side bar to learn more. Ann Miller interview..

On TCM April 12: Spencer Tracy Movie Tribute. Adam's Rib, Pat and Mike and Father's Little Dividend. Video: full movie.

TCM April 13th: Love Is Better Than Ever(1952). A romantic comedy film directed by Stanley Donen from a screenplay by Ruth Brooks Flippen, starring Larry Parks and Elizabeth Taylor. The plot concerns a small-town girl who falls in love with a big-city talent agent.

Happy Birthday: Howard Keel!(April 13, 1919 – November 7, 2004), was a actor and singer. He starred in many film musicals of the 1950s.

Happy Birthday: Julie Christie! Christie made her professional debut on stage in 1957, and her first screen roles were on British television. Her big break came in the 1961 BBC serial A for Andromeda. In 1962, Christie appeared in feature films with prominent roles in a pair of romantic comedies for Ealing Studios: Crooks Anonymous and The Fast Lady. Her breakthrough role, however, was as Liz, the friend and would-be lover of the eponymous Billy Liar (1963) played by Tom Courtenay. The director, John Schlesinger, cast Christie only after another actress dropped out of the film. Her work in the film earned her a BAFTA Award nomination. Please click picture on side bar to learn more.

On TCM April 14th: A Night To Remember(1958). A Night to Remember is a 1958 docudrama film adaptation of Walter Lord's book A Night to Remember (1955), recounting the final night of the RMS Titanic. It was adapted by Eric Ambler, directed by Roy Ward Baker, and filmed in the United Kingdom. The production team, supervised by producer William MacQuitty, used blueprints of the ship to accurately create the sets, while Titanic fourth officer Joseph Boxhall and ex-Cunard Commodore Harry Grattidge both worked as technical advisors on the film.

This week I'm spotlighting two Articles of the week. The first one is from:  Eves Reel Life Blogspot: Revisiting Youthquake. Eve says," In 1963, Diana Vreeland, long-time editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, coined the word “youthquake” to define a cultural phenomenon dominated by the young that was a mixture of music, fashion and political disaffection. Please click on the link to read more..

Classicfilmboy: My Week As A Hippie. Classicfilmboy, shares with us his thoughts on the musical "Hair". He was prepared for the free-flowing storytelling, but not how much of a departure it is from traditional musicals. After the first act,  he was unsure how he felt. After the second act and a moving ending,  he did like the show overall and apreciated the fact that this production was of superior quality. Please click on link to read more...


  1. I'll definitely be checking out Spencer Tracy day!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Dawn, I hope you're embracing your inner (outer?) Twiggy...

  3. Kristen, my movie pick for this week is... A Night to remember..

    Eve, Your welcome and I love my new Twiggy" hair cut. It is quite a change for me.

  4. I've seen bits and pieces of A Night To Remember. I'm going to try and actually watch it all the way through this time.



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