Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ann Harding

Ann Harding (August 7, 1902 – September 1, 1981). In 1929, she made her film debut in Paris Bound, with Fredric March. A story about Jim Hutton and Mary Archer, who are happy to remain faithful to each other in spirit only.

They are married with the bride believing that each should be allowed to do do what they want to do. Among the wedding guests is the young composer Richard Parrish, who is also in love with the bride, and Noel Farley, who is in love with Jim.

After they have their first child, Jim travels to Europe on a business trip, Mary declines to accompany him. Noel, who owns a villa at Antibes, lures Jim into a rendezvous. Menawhile, Mary has an affair with Richard. Learning of Jim's rendezvous, she considers a Paris divorce so as to marry Richard. When Jim unexpectedly returns, he tells Mary of his affair with a French woman. Mary is devastated, for she would never believe that her husband would actually sleep with another woman. In the end their mutual love is confirmed, and they decide to adopt traditional marriage morals and remain monogamous.

Fun Facts:

In 1931, she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for, Holiday.

Harding, was RKO studio's 'answer' to MGM's superstar Norma Shearer.

Harding's second film was, Her Private Affair.

During this period, she was considered to be one of cinema's most beautiful women, with her long waist-length blonde hair as one of her most noted attributes.

Her films during her peak include: The Animal Kingdom, Peter Ibbetson, When Ladies Meet, The Flame Within, and Biography of a Bachelor Girl.

Harding, became stereotyped as the innocent, self-sacrificing young woman. She eventually quit making movies when she married the conductor, Werner Janssen in 1937. She later returned in 1942 to make the film, Eyes in the Night and to take secondary roles in other movies. In 1956, she again starred with Fredric March, this time in, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit.


  1. I, too, thought she was very beautiful, Dawn. I love the last picture. Candids are always so interesting!

  2. Ann Harding was very beautiful but it does seem she became very typecast. Would've been interesting to see what she might've done had she gotten the kinds of roles Norma Shearer did. Lovely pictures, especially the portrait at the top.

  3. I don't know much about Ann Harding, so I was glad to see this post. Thanks for highlighting this talent woman!

  4. Ann Harding is on the tops of my favorite actress list right now. Every film I've seen her in is fantastic.

  5. Robin, I agree.. candids, show more of their personality.

    Lady Eve, I would have loved to have seen Ann Harding, is some of Norma Shearer, roles..

    Kerr, I also.. did not know very much about Ann Harding. I will be on a look out for her movies, when they are on TCM.

    Amanda, I can see why.. and can not wait to see more of her films..

    Kristen, she really is a beauty..

  6. Ann Harding was a great actress. Unfortunately, I think she was often cast in mature roles and became looked upon as matronly. If she had been given a break out role as a bad girl, it may have changed her fate.

  7. Gilby, and bad girls have more fun..

  8. You should take a look at the older version of The Animal Kingdom - she's the good "other woman" and Myrna Loy is the bad wife. Very entertaining Philip Barry adaptation. Also, looking at the top picture, I never realized how much she resembles Emily Van Camp, now starring in Revenge on ABC.


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