Monday, January 9, 2012

Her Highness and the Bellboy(1945).

Her Highness and the Bellboy(1945). Cast: Hedy Lamarr, June Allyson, Agnus Morehead and Robert Walker.

The story begins, when a beautiful princess falls in love with a handsome American reporter. She travels to New York, just to be with him. While staying at one of the city's best hotels she meets a bellhop who thinks she is her a maid. She invites him to be her escort, not realizing he has fallen in love with her. It is not long before he thinks that she feels the same way he does.

Later, the bellhop goes to visit a young woman who is a invalid. He doesn't realize that the girl is in love with him. After the princess finds her reporter, he turns her way, because he thinks they are from two different worlds. She is broken hearted and the bellhop asks if he can help. She asks him to take her to a bar called Jake's Joint to look for her reporter.

In a tuxedo, the bellhop stops by to visit his invalid friend before his date. He gives her the corsage he had bought for the princess and after he leaves, she cries. At the club, the princess looks for the reporter, but he is no where to be found. The bellhop's friend is there with some thugs and a fight breaks out. The police raid Jake's Joint and the princess is hauled off in the paddy wagon. The reporter gets there in time to see her carried off.

When the bellhop gets back to the hotel, he learns the princess's father has died and she is now queen. The reporter bails her out and they return to her hotel. When the queen learns her father has died she makes plans to go home and offers the bellhop a job. But instead, the bellhop thinks she wants him to be her consort. When he visits his invalid friend to say goodbye, she takes a step and he promises that she will get well. Both the new queen and the bellhop have some big decisions to make.

Fun Facts:

M-G-M saved money by utilizing the same main set as the one from "Weekend at the Waldorf" (1945). When that company finished, "Her Highness and the Bellboy" moved in.

Mickey Rooney was supposed to star in this movie but Rooney ended up being drafted into the war, so Robert Walker was cast instead.

This was Hedy Lamarr's last film she did for MGM under her contract. After this she went on to free lance.

What I was expecting was a fluffy chick flick film, turned out to be a really a beautiful movie, which makes you think about who your friends really are.


  1. Welcome to the LAMB Community from your friends at

    Hedy Lamarr is one of my faves from the Hollywood Golden Age; I am really looking forward to reading her biography by Richard Rhodes.

  2. Dawn, I'm not a big fan of Hedy Lamarr, so I haven't seen many of her films (this one included). This sounds like a cute film.

  3. iluvcinema, Thank you, for accepting Noir and Chick Flicks into the LAMB Community. I'm looking forward to being a member.

    I have just started to become interested in biographies. I will add Hedy Lamarr biography to my list. She had it all, brains, beauty and talent.

    Kim, if you are a June Allyson fan, I think you will enjoy this film.

  4. Dawn, although I'm not usually drawn to these kind of movies, your charming review of HER HIGHNESS AND THE BELLBOY and the attached trailer made me smile. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one sometime! I have a pal who's a big June Allyson fan, so I'll send him a link to your post. Nice job, Dawn!

  5. I see you're now in LAMB. From "Carole & Co.", welcome to the flock!

  6. Dorian, Thank you, I know.. that some of the fluffy classics are not that popular.. but every now and then a good one slips through:)

    VP81955, Thank you. I looks like it is a fun blog.

  7. This sounds like a wonderful I definitely would enjoy seeing. I'm not overly familiar with Hedy Lamarr, having seen only perhaps 3 of her movies. I do think June Allyson is adorable, though. Every time I hear her voice, I think "Christopher Columbus!" No matter what film she's in or what character she's playing, she will always be Jo March to me.

    Thanks for sharing about this great-sounding movie.

  8. Patti, That is so funny that you hear her voice, saying... "Christopher Columbus!" Whenever you think of her..


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