Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Classic Moustaches For Movember" Blogathon.

Bette of Bette's Classic Movie Blog, is hosting a blogathon in support of Movember, an organization that educates and researches prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. If you would like to learn more about the organization please check out her blog. Bettes Movie Blogspot.

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When I first began thinking of what I could write for the "classic movie moustaches" blogathon, I really wanted to write about my favorite classic movie actor, Gary Cooper. I then remembered he had a mustache in the film, Peter Ibbetson (1935). Directed by Henry Hathaway. The movie is based on a novel by George du Maurier.

This very romantic story is about Gogo, an English boy growing up in Paris. His best friend was his neighbor, a little girl named Mimsey. After his mother dies, Gogo moves to England with his uncle, who gives him an English name based on his mother's maiden name.

Ibbetson, has studied to be an architect and now, is working on a restoration project for the British Duke of Towers. He falls in love with Mary, the Duchess of Towers. Peter then realizes that Mary, is his childhood best friend. All these years, Mary has kept, the dress she wore the last time she saw him.

The Duke becomes jealous and pulls a gun on Ibbetson. Ibbetson kills the Duke in self-defense. Ibbetson is sentenced to life in prison, thinking he will never see Mary again. However, the lovers are reunited in each others dreams.

The years pass by, Peter and Mary never get old in their dreams. Mary, eventually dies of old age, but she goes back one last time to say good-by to Peter.

If you like film,"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", you may also like this romantic film.


  1. Fantastic concept for a blogathon! This article piqued my interest in a film I've never seen -- Thanks Dawn!

  2. What a fun and silly idea for a blog post. I've never been able to see myself with a moustache, although I grew one once briefly as gag with some co-workers, it just didn't seem right on me. The classic stars wore them so well: David Niven, Vincent Price, Errol Flynn, William Powell to name but a few.

  3. Robby Cress, I agree.. some of the classic movie stars did look good wearing moustaches. Although.. I'm not to sure if Gary Cooper, was one of them :)

  4. Dawn, I was surprised by this post. I never knew Coop was your favorite classic movie actor! How is it that we have never discussed that before? As you know, he's one of my major faves as well...just slightly behind William Holden and Robert Ryan.

    I have not seen this film, but I did see another one where he had a mustache. I can't remember the name of the movie, but I do recall commenting that I didn't like Coop with a mustache---keep that handsome face clean-shaven.

    Have a great day, my fellow heat-lovin' friend!!

  5. Patti, As time goes on and I watch many more "new to me" movies, my favorite actors keep changing. Right now.. my favorite actor is, Gary Cooper and my favorite actress is, Gene Tierney.

    I hope that you can remember the other Gary Copper movie, were he is sporting a mustache.

    Have a great week-end.

  6. Dawn, I came back to this post because it had been driving me crazy about the other Gary Cooper movie where he had a mustache. So, I went into my NetFlix reviews...after wading through 11 pages, I finally came upon it...Lives of a Bengal Lancer. I 2-starred the movie (which I hate to do to a Coop film), and I made mention of the silly mustache. So, there you have it...another Gary Cooper mustache movie.

    And I know what you mean about favorite actors. Although I'm remaining true to William HOlden, just last week, I moved Robert Ryan ahead of Coop and into a tie with Holden as my all-time fave. The more I've seen of Ryan's work, the more I can't get enough of him.

    It's the same way with the gals as well. When I first got into classic films, Claudette Colbert was my, she's down to about 10 on my list.

  7. Patti, Thank you, so much for hunting down the film, Lives of a Bengal Lancer for me. I will google it to learn more.


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