Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Robert Osborne Returns!


  1. He's looking good! Will be great to have him back. TCM has had some OK fill-ins for RO while he's been away, but none have been quite up to his standard.

  2. How wonderful! I finally got TCM, and Robert was gone! Some of the fill-ins have been OK (Winona Ryder was a bust - no personality!), but there's nobody like Robert! Thanks for the heads-up, Dawn..

  3. Mythical Monkey, It is... I can not wait to see him back on TCM.

    The Lady Eve, I thought so too. I'm asked all the time.. Do you know when Robert will be back? So I know, he was truly missed by everyone who watches TCM.

    ClassicBecky, I'm so glad that you have TCM.. I don't know what I would do if I did have my daily fix of TCM. I agree.. with you on some of the fill ins.

    Your welcome.


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