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Between Two Worlds(1944).

Between Two Worlds (1944). Directed by Edward A. Blatt. Cast: John Garfield, Paul Henreid and Sydney Greenstreet.

At an English port, Henry Bergner, a pianist asks for a room on a ship leaving for the United States. But, is denied because he does not have a visa. During an air raid, Henry's wife Ann, goes looking for her husband and witnesses a bomb hit a taxi full of passengers: reporter Tom Prior, actress Maxine Russell, Genevieve and her husband Benjamin, Merchant Marine Pete Musick, housekeeper Mrs. Midget, Reverend William Duke, and businessman Lingley.

Henry, can not find work as a pianist, so he commits suicide. Ann, can not live without her husband, so decides to join him in death....

They find themselves on a huge ship along with the people who were killed in the taxi. Henry and Ann, soon realize that everyone on board is dead, but Scrubby, the steward, asks them not to say anything.

Later, all the passengers realize while telling their stories that they have died. An Angel known as The Examiner, is to decide who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell.

This film has a fascinating eerie atmosphere helped along by the wonderful music score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. Eleanor Parker, was only 22 and she looks beautiful. Some viewers might be offended by the theme of the film. Hopefully, you can enjoy the film's touching moments and message of making your own, Heaven or Hell in life.

Faye Emerson (July 8, 1917 – March 9, 1983). In 1944, she played one of her best known roles as Zachary Scott's ex in, The Mask of Dimitrios.

In 1948, she made a move to television and began acting in various anthology series, including The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre, The Philco Television Playhouse, and Goodyear Television Playhouse.

She served as host for several short-lived talk shows and musical/variety shows, including Paris Cavalcade of Fashions (1948) and The Faye Emerson Show (CBS, 1950).

Although The Faye Emerson Show only lasted one season, it gave her wide exposure because her time slot immediately followed the CBS Evening News and alternated weeknights with the popular, The Perry Como Show. The show was broadcast from a studio CBS built on the sixth floor of the Stork Club building. The studio, a complete replica of the Stork Club's Cub Room, was built for The Stork Club, also seen on CBS beginning in 1950.

After The Faye Emerson Show, she continued in TV with other talk shows, including: Wonderful Town, U.S.A. (1951), Author Meets the Critics (1952), and Faye and Skitch (1953).

She also made numerous guest appearances on various variety shows and game shows.

Emerson hosted or appeared on so many talk show such as, I've Got a Secret.

The glamorous Emerson was so popular in the early 1950's that it was rumored that the newly created Emmy Award was named after her.

She was once married to Elliott Roosevelt, son of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Emerson was later married to bandleader Skitch Henderson in the 1950's.


  1. This is one I've never seen, nor even heard of. But I definitely want to see it...John Garfield and Eleanor Parker are definitely among my favorites, and I also like Paul Henreid. So, this is one I'll be keeping an eye out for on TCM. Thanks for the review.

  2. Dawn I love this film. BTM it was Korngold's favotite of all his scores

  3. This is one of the movies I "made" my family watch. I phoned my mom and said "sit down, it's on". They thanked me for it. They always do. But, boy, do they kick up a fuss at the beginning!

  4. Oh - this film is soooo much one of my favourites!! Don't know how often I have watched it..

    This film absolutely always will make it into my top ten..

    Have a nice start into your week, Dawn!!

  5. So glad you wrote about this one! It's one of my favorites. I love how different it is, def. not many films like this.
    Has such a wonderful wonderful cast!
    Also, thanks for the extra info about Faye!

  6. Patti, I know you will love this film.. John Garfield's, part was my favorite. I do not want to say much more than that and ruin the film for you. :)

    Paul2, I agree... It was a beautiful, score.

    Caftan Woman, Last week was the first time that I saw this wonderful movie. What a gem it is.

    Irene, Thank you, I did not know that film was so well loved. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to watch the film, Between Two Worlds.

    Jessica P., I agree.. this is a very different film and a awesome cast. Very much worth watching.

  7. I love this film and your article! Eleanor Parker could sometimes be a bit over the top -- but put her in the hands of a good director and you can see why she was a star! Faye Emerson gives what I think is her best performance in this movie -- unfortunately Warners had a lot of strong actresses and she didn't quite break out as a big star. I must say Sara Allgood steals this film in my book. I dare anyone not to cry when she must decide about how she wants to spend her eternity!

  8. Gilby, Thank you. You are right.. Sara Allgood's performace, does make you cry at the end...


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