Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love on the Run (1936).

Love on the Run (1936). Cast: Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, and Clark Gable. Love on the Run, is the seventh of eight cinematic collaborations between Crawford and Gable.

The story begins when, London based American newspaper reporters Michael Anthony and Barnabas Pells, flip a coin to see who will cover which of the two up coming stories.

Mike gets the story about millionairess Sally Parker's wedding to Prince Igor, while Barney, is to interview aviator Baron Otto Spandermann and his wife Hilda.

On the way into the wedding, Mike sees Sally the "runaway bride", run out of the church and follows her, in hopes to get a "big" story. At her hotel, Mike runs into Barney, but doesn't tell him that he is following Sally to her hotel room.

When the prince arrives at the hotel, Mike hits him when he recognizes him as a reporter. Mike and Sally take off, wearing the baron and baroness' flying suits as disguises. Barney chases them to the airport, but they fly away, even though they cant fly. Just before they crash land in France, they find a map in flowers to be delivered to the baroness and realize that the aviators are really spies. Mike, sends a cablegram about Sally, to his editor Berger, who is excited about the "spy story".

Barney, catches up with Mike and Sally in Paris, soon after they are seen by the baron and baroness. As they run, Mike pushes Barney, into the back of the truck they steal and tells Sally that Barney is a reporter. They arrive at the Palace of Fontainebleau and sneak in to spend the night. It is not long before, they realize that they are in love. The next morning, Barney catches up with them, and Sally doesn't believe him when he tells her that Mike is a reporter.

Mike wanting to fess up, gives her a newspaper with his story and she realizes that he is a reporter. He tells her he loves her, but she still rejects him. When Barney arrives, she tells him that she will give him a great story. As they are traveling by train to Nice, Sally can't forget Mike and wants to go back to him, but the baron and baroness, come into their compartment with guns and demand that Sally give them the map, which she does not have.

Barney finds Mike, at a cafe in Paris and tells him what has happened, Mike, decides to go to Nice, to save Sally. In Nice, Mike finds Sally, at her hotel and they go to the train station. In the station, the baroness switches clothes with Sally, in the ladies room, then goes with Mike, pretending to be Sally. The baron, then takes Sally to a restaurant. She tries to convince two policemen, that the baron's is a spy, but instead they believe the baron's story. The baron, kidnaps Sally and the two policemen and take them to his chateau, where the baroness and Mike, are waiting. Barney, hot on their heels also arrives. Will they all be able to over come the spies plans?

This film may remind you of Gable's role in "It Happened One Night" with him as a newspaper reporter passing himself off as a friend to runaway heiress.

You will love the funny scene, when the caretaker at the palace Fontainbleu, thinks Gable and Crawford are ghosts and wants to give Gable a tip on his minuet style. Crawford, chemistry with both stars is excellent.

Mona Barrie (December 18, 1909 – June 27, 1964), was an English born actress and was educated in Australia and made her professional debut as a ballet dancer in Sydney at the age of sixteen.

In 1933 she moved to New York, was given a test for films and this led to making her film debut in the 1934 film, Sleepers East.

She was mostly cast in secondary roles, during a film career spanning almost twenty years she performed in more than fifty motion pictures.


  1. Was this part of yesterday's Joan Crawford day? If so, I missed recording it. There were 3 films of hers that I recorded yesterday. (Some of the films they showed, I either already own or wasn't interested in). One of the ones I recorded, which I watched last night, had Gable in it. I'm sorry I missed this one, though, as it sounds really good.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Live My Life(1935)and Love on the Run (1936), were both part of the TCM line up of films for Joan Crawford day. I will keep an eye out for a repeat performances and post the films up on the side bar.


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