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I Live My Life(1935).

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I Live My Life(1935). Cast: Joan Crawford, Brian Aherne, and Frank Morgan, and is based on the story Claustrophobia, by A. Carter Goodloe.

While vacationing in the Greek islands, wealthy Kay Bentley meets Terry O'Neill, a young archaeologist. At the site of Terry's dig, Kay forgets to tie her mule and finds herself left behind. She pretends to have twisted her ankle to get Terry, to carry her back to where her yacht is docked. Terry tells Kay, he despises people who own yachts.

When they arrive in the village, Kay, admits that she had been faking her ankle injury. Angry, Terry grabs her, carries her back up the hill and forces her to walk back down herself. Later, Kay, who could not get the scientist out of her mind, has the yacht's captain return back to, Naxos.

Back on the island, Kay apologizes to Terry, who tells her the story of Pygmalion and tells her that he is in love with her and promises to visit her in New York. Kay, only thinks of their relationship as a passing fancy. Terry, sails to New York, accompanied by his assistant, Betty Collins, who believes that he maybe in over his head.

After his arrival in New York, Terry learns that he has been dumped by Kay, and decides to attend a museum, where the topic is a new archaeological acquisition. There he meets Kay's father, a board member who invites him to his home to continue their discussion.

Kay, is surprised to find Terry, in her house, but invites him to go with her, to meet her wealthy friends. Terry, is introduced to Gene, who Kay's grandmother, wants her to marry. Gene, sarcastically asks Terry, if his firm handshake is from playing polo. Terry, not liking what he sees tells her that her friends are very selfish, people.

Later, Kay learns that her father's very important business deal will fall through unless she marries Gene. Hoping to save her father from financial ruin, Kay leaves for Connecticut, where she plans to tell her Grandmother(owns her father's company), that she going to marry Gene even though she is in love with Terry.

Kay, can not believe it when she learns that her father's deal went through successfully. Did Kay's grandmother, have a change of heart?

One of the film's highlights is the chemistry between Crawford and Frank Morgan, who plays her father. Also, Arthur Treacher, Jessie Ralph and Eric Blore all give wonderful performances. Sterling Holloway, has small but memorable role as Aherne's assistant. Aline MacMahon, Frank Conroy, all these character actors do their part in this entertaining film. I wish that Granville Bates, the yacht captain, had a larger role. Loved his performance in the film, My Favorite Wife.

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