Sunday, June 12, 2011

Silent Film Star: Marion Davis.

Fun Fact:
She had a reputation in the film industry for being extremely kind to the casts and crews of her films, going so far as to pay hospital bills anonymously if she heard that they were ill.

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Video:Just You, Just Me (1929) ..
"Just You, Just Me" is a song from the 1929 musical film Marianne, composed by Jesse Greer with lyrics by Raymond Klages. It was introduced by Marion Davies and Cliff Edwards, with Dick Hyman on the piano. The song has had many revisions after its first appearance and has become one of the most enduring jazz standards of all time.


  1. I loved Marion. When we went to Hearst Castle, I could just see the parties she hosted there :)

  2. Several portraits of Marion are among the items being auctioned by Debbie Reynolds.

  3. Robin, I have never been to Hearst Castle, That is another place I would love to see..

    VP81955, I bet they would be a treasure to own.

  4. Robin, I still can not leave a comment on your blog. :(

    I love "Movie Star Mondy".

  5. VP81955 Congrats!! On 4 years of good work. Love the recent Carole's photos. I also can not leave comments on your blog. :(

  6. Dawn, thanks for the compliment, and a suggestion -- become a member of "Carole & Co." by joining LiveJournal (it's free, and you're under no obligation to do anything else with it).

  7. VP81955, thank you... I think I have my blogger issues fixed.


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