Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whispering City (1947).

Whispering City (1947). Directed by Fyodor Otsep. The movie was filmed on location in Quebec City and Montmorency Falls, Quebec, Canada. Cast: Helmut Dantine, Mary Anderson and Paul Lukas.

The film Whispering City, tells the story of a lawyer, Albert Frédéric, who caused a murder and made it look like an accident. Later in life, a dying woman tells a reporter she believes that the accident was really a murder. The American reporter, Mary Roberts, begins investigating the case, unaware that the lawyer may be behind it all.

Meanwhile Michel Lacoste, a classical composer, who's wife kills herself and leaves behind a note. Frédéric sneaks into the apartment, takes the note and convinces the man that he killed her in a drunken rage. Michel, whose night was indeed blacked out by drink, can't remember anything. The lawyer then offers the composer a deal: Kill reporter Mary Roberts in exchange for legal representation. The man agrees, but.. he can't kill her. Together they figure out that the lawyer is the killer. Will they find away to get the lawyer to confess?

The camera work is especially good. Also the tone set by Helmut Dantine's character, is very impressive.This maybe one of those overlooked film noirs.

Mary Anderson (born April 3, 1920), performed in 31 films and 22 television productions between 1939 and 1965.

Anderson made her first important screen appearance as Maybelle Meriweather in, Gone With the Wind (1939). Ending her film career in the early 1950s, she sometimes acted on television, as Catherine Harrington in the soap opera, Peyton Place in 1964.

Many times confused with the stage actress of the same name (1859–1940) or silent film actress of same name (1897–1986), Mary Anderson performed in a number of films in the 1940s, and was credited under her birth name in a 1940 short film.

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