Thursday, April 7, 2011

Silent Film Star: Billie Dove.

Silent Film Star: Billie Dove(1903–1997). Was, known for her femininity on the silent screen, rivaled that of Mary Pickford, Marion Davies and Clara Bow in popularity. She retired after only a few years into the talking picture era.

Please click here to view Page's myloveofoldhollywood.blogspot, Billie Dove Bio.

Vidio clip from the silent film Black Pirate(1926). A silent adventure film shot entirely in two-strip Technicolor about an adventurer and a "company" of pirates. Cast: Douglas Fairbanks, Donald Crisp, Sam De Grasse, and Billie Dove.


  1. I love these photos of Billie! I think she was adorable and very talented along with Bessie Love, Bebe Daniels and Anita Page, who don't get a lot of attention either.
    I did a long write up on Billie a few months ago and posted photos and her autograph from my collection if you're interested.
    Page from

  2. Page, Thank you. I will check out your Billie bio and add it to the bottom of my post.

  3. Dawn,
    I was going to add an interesting story about Billie. She lived at a nursing facility the last few years of her life and apparently she LOVED when people recognized who she was by her name and would spend hours discussing her films, time in Hollywood for those interested.

    She was always more than happy to sign autographs and give interviews while residing there. Boy would I have loved to have had the chance to sit down with her and listen to her take on her life and career.
    I guess she was a genuinely nice lady.

  4. Thank you for sharing the triva..

    Me too.. I would have loved to have sat down with her and talk about her life and career.


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