Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday: Jane Powell!

Jane Powell, with her dog Cindy and her cat Pinky.

Please click here to view more Jane Powell info.


  1. Happy Birthday! I didn't know today was her birthday. Also Debbie Reynolds as well.

  2. "It's a Most Unusual Day" is my favorite song she sings in all of her films. Thanks for sharing the clip :) A really cute photo too!

    I was just watching "Two Weeks with Love" on TCM. Such a cute movie. I love the end where the father tries so hard to do something good but fails, but it was still very sweet. Kinda makes me think of my dad :)

  3. I love Jane Powell's voice -- in Royal Wedding, she sings "Too Late Now" to Peter Lawford, and sounds like an angel. Then she does that funny dance number with Fred Astaire where they sing "How Can You Believe Me" like a couple of smarkalecks from the Bronx, and she does that well too. Happy birthday, Jane!

  4. Hey Tom.:)

    jnpickens, Welcome and Thank you. I just stopped by your Awesome Blog. Loved your "April Fools" joke. :)

    Unfortunately, I missed todays Jane Powells birthday tribute on TCM. I'm glad that you were able to catch a few of her movies.

    ClassicBecky, I just love Jane's Powells voice. I have just recently watched several of her movies. Royal Wedding, is a great movie. I hope you were able to catch today's Jane Powell's tribute.

  5. I just found this site, I'm so excited to find it. I've been a jane powell fan sence I was in grammer school. The first movie I saw Jane in was Luxury Liner,(which I just found on the internet - can't wait until it arrives). My favorite song is "Ava Maria", no one else ever sang it better. Happy Birthday Jane Powell, best wishes, You have always been my favorite singer.

  6. Welcome Anonymous, Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your stay.


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