Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wife VS. Secretary(1936).

Wife vs Secretary(1936), is a comedy film directed and co-produced by Clarence Brown. Cast: Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy and James Stewart, in one of his first memorable roles. The film was the fifth of six collaborations between Gable and Harlow and the fourth of seven between Gable and Loy.

The story begins when, Magazine publisher Van Stanhope gives his wife a diamond bracelet for their third wedding anniversary. However, Van's secretary, "Whitey", is thought by Van's mother to be a temptation to Van. As well as.. Whitey's boyfriend Dave, who also is not too happy about her relationship with her boss.

When Van, is very secretive when he wants to buy out J. D. Underwood's weekly, for fear that his rival will buy it out from under him, it causes problems between Van and his wife.

When Van returns from his business meeting with Underwood, he tells Linda that he has been at the club all day, but.. Linda knows that he has been out with Whitey, who was helping him get ready for his meeting with Underwood.

At a skating party, Linda hears from one of the wives that Van and Whitey are having an affair. Linda and Van, get into an argument about it on their way home.

Van plans a trip for himself and Linda, but when he learns that Underwood is at a conference in Havana, changes his plans. Whitey learns of important information about the rival paper, which Van decides that it is best to bring her along to Havana to close the deal. While celebrating the successful closing of the deal, Linda calls and Whitey answers the phone and now she also believes that they are having an affair.

Van returns to New York only to have Linda asking for a divorce. Broken hearted, he asks Whitey to join him on a trip to Bermuda as a friend. Realizing that Van will never love her as much as he loves Linda, she goes to see Linda on the boat to Europe, telling her that she would be a fool to let him go. Will Linda decide to reconcile with Van?

This is one of those, fluffy romantically fun, dramatic classic movies.

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